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Gates: "we will be here for a long time".

Positions of USA in Gulf region after possible withdrawal from Iraq...

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  • an expulsion from the region is possible

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Gates said, the message to the Gulf countries is that the United States is going to be an enduring presence in the region.

"We've been here for a long time and we will be here for a long time," he said.
It is clear that possible American withdrawal from Iraq would undermine positions of USA in the region. It is possible that the Gulf countries would discuss and eventually sign a Stability Pact. Apparently it would include a withdrawal of all foreign forces from the region.
I reckon it would undermine USA's interests seriously. Even if somehow Iraq turns into a shining success story the rest of the gulf countries will remember for a long time how it started and be very wary of letting the US base troops or airfields in their respective countries in case the neighbours or indeed their own citizens react badly to it.

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