Gates... Way to ask for help?

A few months I read some American neocon dribble along the lines of "Europeans are cowardly w@nkers, especially the Brits". This at a time when the lads and lassies are engaged in combat the likes of which haven't been seen since Korea.

I gots to thinking that some folks in them there parts, ain't real smart about getting other folks to come help em.

And just when I thought these rabid, paranoid, hateful, cowardly wee sh!tes couldn't get lower (find one with a service record), Gates just opens his mouth and let its flow.

"Recently, Mr Gates also antagonised some Nato partners who are taking part in combat operations in the south by criticising their ability to fight the insurgency".

Am I missing something?
I think this has been talked about extensively elsewhere but I will say that I don't think the Yanks are cricising the troops but rather the governments commitments to defence spending. Particularly with regard the numbers of troops.

I think it is generally accepted that although there are enough troops to take ground there are not enough to hold it. I suppose it would be useful even if British, Dutch, Canadian troops (amongst others who are doing all the fighting) were tied up taking the ground that German, French troops et al would perhaps move in to hold it. That way they would not be involved in the instigation of direct combat operations but only the defence of objectives already taken.

Or am I talking shi!t? I never made NCO let alone officer so what the f*ck do I know about strategy?
Only that the guy is obviously a gripper.
inbredyokel666 has a point. Other than the Blackfive blog and Michael Yon, little is said or done about our allies here. Everyone has completely forgotten about the NATO AWACS that provided cover after September 11th, as well as the rst of our coaltion partners.

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