Gates gives millions to fund British fight against TB and Ai

BRITISH scientists working on five ground-breaking projects to fight disease will be named today as recipients of the largest individual research grants in history, awarded by Bill Gates, the Microsoft billionaire.

Mr Gates, the world’s richest man and greatest philanthropist, is donating $436 million (£240 million) to 43 laboratory projects vital to the world’s greatest health challenges. A grant of £11 million will go to Imperial College London, for research on tuberculosis therapies. Another London project, to try to develop an Aids vaccine, gets £10.7 million.

The Gates charitable organisation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, will confirm today which researchers are to receive funding as part of his masterplan to tackle disease — the “Grand Challenges in Global Health”.
he's not such a bad bloke!
He's almost single-handedly revived the research into malaria, and other mosquito-bourne disease, due to the ammount of funding he's provided.

Yes, not a bad bloke at all.
Now if I could just forgive hime for making Windows so complicated! :lol:
This one white guy has done more for african's than any other person on the face of the planet. He has gone about it in a quiet and unassuming manner, simply aiming to help people instead of increasing his street cred or cool factor

For that he should be commended!

Take note Sir Bob of the bog, and sir bono of the dodgy sunglasses! :D