Gates Announces US Defence Cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. DOD Announces $150 Billion Reinvestment from Efficiencies Savings

    Terminates one disasterous programme (EFV), 2 unnecessary programmes (SLAMRAAM, NLOS), resrtructures F35 (again) and chops lots of staff and admin jobs but not platforms or frontline troops. In return, the services get:

    A new strategic bomber (again)
    More SuperBugs
    More MC12
    More Reapers
    New amtrack
    More ships (various kinds)
    More EELV

    On top of which the US Army gets to keep the exta 22,000 troops it recruited recently to combat 'overstretch' until 2013.

    Why can't the MoD here do 'cuts' like this?
  2. Simple

    USA Defence budget as % GDP : 4.7%

    UK Defence budget as % GDP : 2.2%

    USA GDP : $14.6 Trillion

    UK GDP : $2.25 Trillion

    Finding savings of $30 Billion a year out of a $663 Billion budget is hardly a tough call.
  3. And because the line:

    If applied in a UK context would read:

  4. But...

    You think the MoD budget should be cut by $150 billion so that less than half can be given back! ;)
  5. Correction.

    If applied in a UK context would read:

  6. Ding! Ding! We have a winner Gentlemen!
  7. Now, your starters for 10.

    How much is the projected overspend on Project CVF, A400M and the FSTA PFI in £ or $ Billions?

    You may confer…
  8. Define 'overspend'.
  9. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm going with Lots and my second answer Waaaay too much.

    Next question, whose fault is it? (Full marks if you name all the guilty parties)
  10. Original estimate vs actual cost including backhanders to manufacturers that can't actually deliver what they promised.
  11. This should not be mistaken for the deficit hawk zealotry of Gorgeous George recklessly axing MBTs etc, there's a bit of a shell game going on, delaying some F-35s for instance is very different from axing the program, it is certain to make them cost a great deal more. Read somewhere the Gate's "defense cut" amounts to an increase in spend of about 1%. The Pentagon's stealth socialism sausage factory rolls on keeping slightly ahead of inflation. This while DC continues running two questionable multi-trillion dollar wars off books.

    This isn't even where most of the tax dollars go. US health spend rose a whooping 4% in 2009, the providers are now swallowing 17.6% of the US GDP. The ineffectual half measures of Barrycare are aren't even going to slow that rising and the GOP looks set to target the few bits of that crock that might save money.

    The Fed's lavish QE continues pumping into the economy and the reality is they've got unemployment levels similar to banker buggered Ireland. Barry's latest "triumph" in extending the ruinous Bush tax cuts is just another nail in the coffin of a great country.