Gat tae BUCK yae FASTard

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DannyDiehard, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. I got wasted on this stuff in the monastery in 1986 when I was in RN. Funnily enough I think we were the last RN people invited there.....
  2. It tastes absolutely minging, dont know why so many people drink it!
  3. I've always found it to be a highly effective pantie - remover ( sweet taste, deceptive strength an that...)
  4. I think that the problems doesn't really lie with the drink itself per say, rather with the knuckle-draggers that drink it. Basically, a bottle of Buckie (aka; commotion lotion, wreck the hoose juice, etc) has become an indispensable part of any self respecting Ned's uniform these days.

    So, when you have social group who are predisposed to violence, for whom a certain drink has attained "cult" status, then it stands to reason that that particular brand will figure in any stats that you collect. If it wasn't Buckie bottles that they were smashing over each others' heads then it would be some other brand of cheap, nasty booze.

    That said, I do have a friend, who is most definitely not a Ned, who has a penchant for the stuff; however, he was born in Dumfries, so that probably explains it!
  5. No it's not. Alcohol, not people, are responsible for society's ills. You'll be claiming we had pedos before the Internet next...
  6. so you cross dress and pish yerself alot ? :wink:
  7. Or so our esteemed leaders appear to think. They would rather introduce a minimum price per unit of alcohol (still haven't worked out gets the extra dosh; Govt or retailers) than address the underlying social problems.

    Anyway, I don't want to talk about it, it's all too depressing...

    Drink anyone?
  8. Consider these urban delights:

    Gorbals Champagne
    1 Bottle Buckie
    1 Bottle of strong white cider of choice
    Neck down 1/2 of the Buckie, 1/2 cider.
    Pour remains of Bukie into cider bottle (or cider into Buckie) Shake gently to mix.

    The Bullfast
    In a pint glass mix:
    1/2 pint Buckfast Tonic Wine
    2 shots vodka
    1 tin Red Bull
    Add ice cubes.

    But to show some real class on those nights oot wi' the fourteen year old GF

    White Rabbit
    1 Bottle Buckie
    1 Bottle vodka
    2x packets Skittles
    4x Tablespoons Sugar
    Make 50/50 mix and return to bottles. And a packet of Skittles to each bottle plus 2 x tablespoons sugar. Allow to dissolve then chill in freezer.

    Which leads anyone with half a brain cell to conclude that the bottle the sh1t actually comes in might be a symptom, not the core problem!

    (My fee for that piece of important social research is £25,000.)
  9. Surely its the mix of alcohol and caffeine...the buzz it gives you is addictive. I think the monks have cornered the market. Won't be best pleased at the publicity this will generate on the BBC programme tonight.

    Tried it...not to my taste, but in small doses it gives you a high with the added advantage of being alcoholic.