Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by wheelchairwarrier, Mar 21, 2009.

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  1. Last week during her check he’s still alive visit nurse pointed out a lump on my neck , “thats my head” I replied in a jocular way and thought nothing more until My GP calls in this morning with free samples of Gastrograffin and instructions to follow , I am getting a CT scan on Monday.

    My questions are
    what is Gastrograffin and what does it do ?
    Flash to bang for this event seems rather quick, should I be concerned ?
    And would the remaining shrapnel in my head be affected by the scanner ?

  2. Gastrograffin is a contrast agent that may be used as an alternative to barium sulfate for imaging the gastrointestinal tract. Indications for use as an alternative to barium sulfate include patients where contrast might leak into the abdominal cavity.

    Gastrograffin may be used both as a liquid drink, or as an enema.

    The taste is foul, even when mixed and diluted with squash or juice. Gastrograffin does not coat the stomach/bowel lining as well as barium, thus is used only as a last resort. In CT imaging water may be used as often.
  3. I'd better check those instructions again................. I would have put a smiley but this has caught me off balance a bit .

  4. WW follow link to info on gastrograffin, tells you all about it, your other questions are best asked of your Docs dealing with you.
  5. as you've been given dye for your stomach/intestinal area, if your head gets scanned, then they've put you in back to front! As it's a ct scan you should be ok, as it's basically a giant x-ray, if it was an mri scan then it may cause problems as this uses magnetics, but if you have a concern about your head then flag it up when you get there as they'll be the best to explain it all better than some fool with a toilet for an avatar!!!
  6. Shouldn't be anything to worry about but if you have to have another contrast CT then I would ask for Gastromiro instead. Not only does it have a better safety profile, being non-ionic unlike Gastrografin, but it actually tastes OK too. They'll probably try to put you off this because Gastrografin is a lot cheaper but there are clinical studies that show that better tasting contrast makes for better bowel opacification as the patient will drink it much more readily.
  7. Thanks for the replies so far, my niece has had a look round the web, (thanks for the link ronin ) and has offered to have a look for any more lumps, although I cant do it my self I have declined her offer. there seems to be many options as to what it could be on the many web sites.
    Mrs WW is away at work and is not yet aware of this situation, Ho hum

  8. Yeeuk ! the stuff is disgusting.. but the "dye" they inject made it feel as if my head was boiling and I had lashed myself ,on the upside the the nurses were very understanding.
    Roll on Wednesday, back in and Mrs WW returns home. Hmm Daddy or chips? Oncologist or Mrs WW ? tough call eh !
  9. Bugger ! Oncologist says he wants me in for surgery next tuesday , is that on the quick side ? I would hate to be had over by a lump or two after everything else I've suffered in life.
    Mrs WW says she'll kill me if I die.....
    so ,is it stiff upper lip or wobbely lower lip ? Daddy or chips ?

  10. Good luck WW- stiff upper lip is the way to go
  11. i always thought gastrografin tasted a bit like pernod!! I quite liked it :( THAT BEING SAID WW WHO THE HELL DID YOU SLEEP WITH TO GET A DATE FOR SURGERY THAT QUICK??? :D
  12. Some may joke about Jockland, but our health trust ( Grampian ) is on the whole very good, that and being a veteran is recognised and actioned here.

  13. just be grateful they got you in so quick and did'nt leave you festering at home, good luck ww.
  14. Now back home festering ! cant get about as upper chest and neck sore Its look like its time for a plan, I feel royaly pi$$ed off about this after all the damage I've sustained over the years and come through. Im keeping the upper lip stiff ( just ) and have put in a 1033 for gallows humour , face of adversity, use of in the.

    We'll see what the next few days bring.