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Gastrocnemius slides



After suffering for quite a few years with re-occuring minor tears/injuries to my calves, I have recently had surgery on my both my legs, Bi-lateral Gastrocnemius Slides to be exact.

I do not know what the exact procedure was, but it has sorted me right out! 2 months after the op, many weeks of physio/rehab, I can now run for 30 mins pain free and improving all the time.

Everyone I have spoken to, including the physio and RI do not know what the surgical procedure is, they have not come accross it before. I am interested to know if anyone out there has had this op, what the procedure is and if their recovery has been as successful as mine


You could always try and speak to the surgeon to see if he/she would send you a copy of your surgical record, phone the hospital and speak to his/her secretary to see if this would be possible.

good news by the way.

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