Gastric bypass on the NHS?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Zarathustra, Jul 11, 2011.

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  1. From the BBC BBC News - Man appeals for NHS gastric bypass surgery

    Should the over weight be allowed to get treatment on the NHS? Personally unless there are unusual circumstances then no. He could've got his weight under control whenever he wanted, no one forced him to stay at home eating pies and not doing any exercises.

    Should we, the tax payers, be expected to pay for over weight people?
  2. Depends on the long term cost benefit.
    If its cheaper to treat with a gastric bypass than allow it to develop into something much more expensive then it probably makes sense
  3. Well, gastric surgery isn't going to help then!
  4. My top tip for all those **** off big fat American lookalike "large me up" style bastards:

    Beat the waiting lists and avoid those oh so inconvenient doctors appointments, (always whilst McDonalds are open)! How? Simply spend a few minutes each day munching through your bargain "Supersized Vat of fried Chicken large me up to **** and ram that ******* coleslaw" whilst hanging about in the medievil and insanitary local NHS hospital waiting room. There you will eventually catch something very dire indeed and your fat lardy arse will simply fall off all by itself.
  5. Supposedly he'll be dead soon anyway, just keep delaying the surgery till he's no longer a problem then we can turn him into soap.
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  6. He's in Staffordshire.No loss of human life.
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  7. No NHS treatment for fast basts?

    I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of whets suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.
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  8. True, I had meant to address this in my original post but was running late for work.

    I think that people who've gotten over weight through no fault of their own for reasons like injury, illness and the like should be helped by the NHS but should be expected to help themselves as well. For example helping someone with nutrition, dietary requirements and free or discounted gym membership and if those don't work then give them surgery, but only if they've been putting the effort in.

    There's no point helping people too lazy to help themselves, it just gives other lazy people the message that the NHS will hold their hand and they won't have to do any hard work or try and take care of themselves otherwise. Of course this might raise the cost to the NHS, but I'd rather pay for a fatty to go to the gym (as long as they actually use the membership) than have surgery.
  9. A gastric bypass doesn't always work, many of the greedy fat fucks just pie out on high calorie foods like mars bars instead and can still be fat bloaters..



    Get out of that chair lardarse and you'd lose some weight!
  10. At the risk of attracting incoming, I met my partner online and to say she was a chunky munkey was an understatement. We've been together 7 months and in that time she has lost six stone through healthy eating and continuus running. She couldnt run to the end of the garden when we met, now we're out five nights a week and both doing the Great South runs and Liverpool Marathon. I have nothing but contempt for weak willed people who cant get off thier fat arses and burn some calories without whinging about it. She has a stressful job (she earns a lot gives great head and isnt averse to taking it uop the wrong 'un now and then so I was able to happily overlook the six stone - glad I did now!!) but we still get out running either before or after work. For her, and myself its a lifestyle now, not a chore.

    Yes, some people do have legitimate reasons (yes the old over active thyroid peach!) however for most fatties they should get a six month ultimatum. Shape up or waddle off.
  11. Well when he dies there will be lots more pies for me,,,,
  12. So you have a thing for plumpers then?
  13. A gastric band is a very serious op its not a ******* magic bullet though.
    little point doing the op if someones not going to change their lifestyle
    sounds like the poor sod want survive on the operating table.
    if you get addicted to food your fucked heroin alcohol you can live without.
    you have to eat or you die just not 4000 cal a day
  14. It's a great pick up line though, "Hello luv, I play lead guitar in a gastric band".
  15. A defense.

    I don't see any reason to penalize the porky in such a Cromwellian fashion, they have a right to risk MRSA and having an organ opportunistically stolen by a Taiwanese intern in an underfunded part-privatized shed pretending to be a hospital.

    After all the UK PLC is full of these slowly waddling creatures, the only skinny folk you see are super models and Somalians.

    In any case isn't it traditional for Les Rostbifs to resemble sea mammals?
    And think of the value of kindred morbid obesity with the Septics who are often too fat to board a bus. A factor to consider with an electorate growing unwilling to fund a weaponized pedalo let alone a carrier group.

    I read somewhere that while Britain's overpaid and barely competent doctors hate digging through lard lairs clinical evidence suggests the underweight are actually more prone to serious illness than the fat bastard demographic. Especially the ladies, repeated crash diets bugger the heart apparently. So next time you see a underfed tart with a rib showing chuck a few well battered deep fried double pizzas at them and tell them to nosh down for the good of the NHS.