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Gasparo Is A Lefty Cunt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dashing_Chap, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. etc

  2. He's a thread-derailing cunt, that's for sure...
  3. It lives!
  4. No i think he's attempting to be Welsh when in fact hes a (anag) lefty snad nggier.
  5. Just about... Feeling like death warmed up though, so self-medicating witha couple of Hens...
  6. Ah, the loons are out. It must be Friday.
  7. H3

    H3 LE

  8. It's Friday again? feck I should be somewhere else.Byeee.
  9. It must be Friday. I've had fish and chips for me tea.
  10. "You are one of many thousands of goons currently willingly taking part in the invasion of a weaker, less stable country... I'm sure everyone is so proud of you. You lot are like Britains answer to Vietnam vets.. another bunch of "heroes". Fucking mental."

    Did he just say we're mental?

  11. Coming from a man who chooses to call himself Cockwomble and has an avatar of a womble with a cock?

    You didn't eat the crayons in nursery, you probably stuck them up your ricker.

    Or perhaps you tried to quote gasparo and ended up quoting me instead?
  12. Not sure you should be allowed to use the word cock ...because you quite clearly don't know what one looks like ... You are a CocklessWomble

    Do the moderators monitor the trade description act in relation to usernames?
  13. Can you send me a picture of your gaping pissflaps?

  14. Sorry to disagree but he has inserted a photoshop image of a pink playstation joystick ...or pink dildo from Ann Summers on the Womble. The pink thing on the Womble is anatomically incorrect for a penis. So whatever it is he has inserted, possibly a pink gay appendage, it is quite clear he has no idea what a real cock looks like.

    So maybe calling him a cock is being too kind? His Womble is cockless...!