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Gash business websites. So bad they're good!

Mrs Poloroid came across this site, which is so bad it's good, and without a hint of post modernist irony. I particularly admire the raw chicken fillet backdrop to entice you in.

Salisbury Poutlry


But I'm sure somebody could do better.
Awesome. Someone probably got paid good money for that, and sat there all smug thinking "what a great site". Who on earth is unaware of what Chicken meat (the word escapes me) looks like. I particularly like the map, with the arrows vaguley indicating.... 10/10 for humour. 0/10 for style, so on average, well, average. And I had to turn my flash killer off. Backstards.


Book Reviewer
Oh, where to start. The website is owned by one R. Dooike and a quick check leads us to a website called clickoninfo.com which, in my giddy excitement I thought was chickeninfo dot com. The idea of these wankers doing a Chicken Info website was just too funny for words. But I was wrong.

Ah well. The logistics section with its "Salisbury Poultry trained drivers" will have to do me. Untill you lot induce a siezure with your dodgy puns.

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