Gas Training?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by UberSoldat, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. I've been watching gas training videos and wondered if the UK adopts a similar method of allowing the trainee to experience inhaling gas and consequently vomitting as the result?
  2. Yeah normally after breakfast when the fellow recruits aare having a dump.
  3. Don't know if it's changed since I did it last, but you didn't just get to "experience" it by having a quick sniff. We had pressups, burpees and the more people that screwed up the longer you got to "experience" the effects.

  4. I don't understand the fear that CBRN training with CS gas seems to instill in many potential recruits.

    You will inhale it during training, but it's highly unlikely that you will vomit because of it. That does not mean that it's a particularly pleasant experience, but it won't be anywhere near so traumatic as you seem to think it will be.

  5. Strangely, this is one of the things I'm really looking forward to! Am I a freak?????
  6. Umm yes, :D on the bright side the effects though pretty awful soon wear off
    and then you can laugh as the next lot get gassed .Of all the things you get to do in the army cbrn training is pretty mild in the discomfort stake.
  7. Back in the 80s when i first did NBC training as it was then.
    They took us in the RESPIRATOR TESTING CHAMBER, in groups of 6 and made us walk around the room to check for leaks, then one at a time we had to remove mask, try and say our name rank No then where thrown out to let the wind blow away the CS.
    Same day back into the chamber to do canister changing drills etc.
    They also run us around in the noddy suit to build up a sweat as the CS made you sting more where it was sweaty.
  8. Well of course they do, CS gas makes everyone throw up on first contact with the stuff, you must have seen the news clips of all those vomiting rioters in NI and Paris etc.

    I mean what would be the point of using a gas that only causes coughing/sneezing and runny eyes when you could have everyone pukeing their guts up all over primetime television.

    Please read your own avatar and heed the advice on there.
  9. Depends on your body doesn't it, and your toleration of illegal substances ;)
  10. Wah?

    In case not, I put it to you sir, that you are talking out of your hoop. I don't know anyone who has thrown up as a result of being CS'd... i know for a fact that I didn't.

    Double hard b'stard me :D
  11. I think you need to take a close look at the original posters avatar as well.

    I was using hyperbole and adynaton to try (and fcuking failing in your case) to make a point.
  12. and what's wrong with asking a question and being prepared?
  13. Nothing but your style of question asking needs some work.

    EG -

    I did hear that the first day of recruit training that you get verbally abused at a dangerous decibel level and then physically assaulted with scissors and made to look stupid.

    As opposed to - Do you get shouted at and made to get a hair cut when you join the army?

    Understand the difference?
  14. Got to be a Wah but hey here goes

    Confidence in the fit of the Respirator is set out to do exactly what it says on the tin. Some instructors may take great delight in watching you suffer however it is perfectly safe and although unpleasant it wont kill you, you may puke you may not. Take it on the chin do as your instructor says and all will be well.
  15. When I done it we had to first run around the parade sqaure, straight into the wooden shed, remove the mask and as mentioned previously name rank service number and then back on it went after taking a couple of big gulps. People had varying effects, some cried, some just suffered and meI wasn't affected. In fact there were a couple of us who where normal functioning. No-one in my lot vomited though i'm sure people were closer on the run with full NBC