Gas to rise by 19%, electricity by 10%

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by IndependentBoffin, Jun 7, 2011.

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  1. Gas bills to rise by 19pc - Telegraph

    A wise government keeps energy costs down. The cost of energy has knock on effects on the competitiveness of British industry and consumer inflation.

    Interesting how the government tries to make people behave a certain way by legislation and the law of unintended consequences comes into play. The most predictable and efficient systems are often the simplest ones.

    Personally, if I wasn't renting a house I'd invest in a coal combined heat + power boiler. Power companies may kowtow to the government's environmental programmes, but thank you very much I'd rather have cheap power and feed the plants extra carbon dioxide, than listen to (usually) ill-informed environmental policies.

    For example, take tungsten filament light bulbs vs. low carbon footprint ones. While the luminosity/watt for the latter is much better, in reality tungsten filament light bulbs are mostly glass and metal which recycle well. Energy saving bulbs have thermosetting plastics and mercury in them. But of course our government is compelling us to ditch the former and use the latter...

    P.S. Don't believe what people say about the wonders of being able to recycle (thermo)plastics. Once a few different thermoplastics have been mixed together (polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, etc.) you are not going to be able to economically separate them and their overall properties degrade. On the other hand it is possible to recover pristine metal and glass by recycling.
  2. They tend to increase in summer and you find out in the spring the horrible reality. I keep thinking of moving to coal. I've a damp dark cellar doing nothing.
  3. Coal is great stuff. Cheap, keeps well, no issues of freezing/leaking unlike liquid or gas fuels, very high calorific value and (heh heh) can be used as a propellant (coal + oxygen) or an explosive either as coal dust (fuel air explosion) or when enriched with liquid oxygen.

    Oxyliquit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4. Alot of horror films involve damp dark cellars.
  5. Yeah I know what coal is.
  6. I'd have thought it would be filled with young lads strapped face down to spunk sodden mattresses!
  7. I let them go they are expensive to feed and with the recession biting. Mr. Bumble warned me not to feed them meat....
  8. LOL sorry!
  9. You should be stoned to death with coal for going LOL.
  10. Good plan it'll still burn afterwards and we can make some kebabs.
  11. Anyway, back on track. Isn't it outrageous that fuel prices are going up! I think I'll tell me mum.
  12. I agree I'll tell my parents, they get free coal.
  13. I wonder if the power supply companies are really in some form of cartel .... there is no reason for them to shop around on the market or buy ahead their supplies .... as they are now encouraging us to do .... any increase is just passed onto customers . Remember on Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs food and warmth are prime requirements …. there is competition between Supermarkets so food prices are driven down …. regrettably there would appear to be no real competition between our energy suppliers so we will always get shafted ..
  14. It's very hard to work out who is the cheapest supplier. They purposely make it complicated.
  15. Perhaps no competition between them, but if we broke the monopoly by generating our own electricity/heat then we would be the competitors to them.

    Broadly speaking, capital investment aside, when you buy your electricity/gas you must pay for their fuel costs (including the fuel supplier's profit), distribution costs + losses and their profit margin. When you have your own co-generation system at home you only pay for your fuel costs.

    P.S. "Over the hills and far away" - are you a Nightwish fan? :)