Gas Prices on Their Way Down

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. It is a very easy task. First up gas prices in Belgrade to British level and then it would possible to make several 'cuts'.

    I heard that Gazprom is very interesting in the British gas market. If it would be allowed to operate in the UK then gas prices will be likely cut even more.
  2. Sigh... and here in my state the powers that be nullified regulation of the two companies which led to one raising it's rate a full 50% and the other going 25% higher in less than three months. Folks are screaming for action of course but nothing will change with any degree of swiftness.

    Some things, like basic utilities, need to be strictly regulated and controlled for the population's sake.
  3. .... and next time Berezovsky shoots his mouth off, Putin expresses his displeasure by cutting off UK's gas supply? No thanks....
  4. It is a business. Whatever mr.Berezovsky says gas flow (and money flow in backward direction) would be uninterruptible. Ther is only one potential cause. In British customers would demand to pay only 1/4 of market price then gas would be sold to others.

    Anyway, the UK will consume significant amount of Russian gas soon. Without resellers it would be cheapier.
  5. Or to put it another way, don't upset Sergey or his mates or you'll be cooking on hexie blocks in a year or two......... :wink:
  6. So hang on, Over winter when I use LOTS of gas it costs a fortune. Here we are beginning of summer, when my central heating is switched off and lo and behold the prices are slashed. Clever fcukers eh?
  7. Sergey, any news references or other sources you can provide on this?
  8. Don't ask for links PTP

    You'll get sh1tloads of abuse for it :D
  9. :evil: Robbing cnuts :evil:
  10. Why don't I trust this 'good' news? Because it's long long overdue. They are very slow to lower prices, and like sh1t off a shovel in raising them.

    Renationalise now. Along with water, lecky and railways. Give us back our family silver.
  11. I can live with that
  12. Being a Scottish Gas customer and paid largely for their GAS during the cold winter months,why is it that they reduced the price of GAS in the Spring,Summer and Autumn then they hype it back up to its highest during the Winter. We don't get a reduction at all, it is jobbies coming from their mooths as usual.Time tae change methinks.
  13. It's called Capitalism - and it's designed to benefit 'you the consumer'!! :D