Gas Mask Sizes

S10 shelf life was extended by MOD to 20 years, so if yours is 89 dated you should be looking to replace soon. That being said, I use 3 different Size 1 S10s, all 89 dated, & all 3 get through PortaCount & RTF testing OK so I don't think they'll suddenly drop to bits. It might be worth making some enquiries with your QMs Dept though to see if they are ordering in-date replacements though, so all bases are covered.
My eye pieces are scratched to ****, when I ask to get new ones because they are dented from my rearsight I get told to **** off, theres no way an SA80 would get close enough. To which I reply "No, but the SLR did"
PM me - I might be able to help you out.
Size 1 = Big Bloke
Size 2 = Normal Bloke
Size 3 = Small Bloke / Bird
Size 4 = Small Bird / Midget / Child
This is tremendously useful and I’m sure the poster from 2008 will be thrilled to receive such a quick response. Thanks for your input and please keep up the good and helpful work.
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What do you want a respirator for you cheb?
Just in case there is a global pandemic in the next decade or so.

NB, it wasn't me that resurrected a 13 year old thread

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