Gas Mask Sizes

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Ad4m, Nov 23, 2008.

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  1. Hey,

    does anyone know what the sizes in cm/mm/inches any of those, for gas mask head sizes.

    like: Size 1= xxcm
    Size 2= xxcm
    Size 3= xxcm

  2. Hey, whats a gas mask :? :roll:
  3. What do you want a respirator for you cheb?
  4. Buy two and use them as a bra?
  5. There will be 4 sizes (1-4).Try them on and the nice man in charge will work his voodoo and tell you which one fits.You will also experience some interesting tastes/smells.
  6. firestarter you bad man, how could you lie about such a thing?

    There are no 'nice' men in charge :wink:
  7. The QM's bloke may wonder why a civvy has wandered in to get a respirator though.
  8. I used to be a "nice man".I will ask the RTC if I can be" a nice man " again.(I can't be arrsed going back to Winterbourne Gunner after 30 years!!)
  9. Further to this thread, I just did my plod gimp mask course and a question bubbles to the surface.

    When I was a lickle squaddy, the nice man waved some gubbins around the outside of my mask and told me if I could smell peardrops, I was told to tighten the straps. This was in S6 and S10 days, I now drive an Avon FM10 I think, looks like an S10...

    Having done the plod CBRN civvy gimp mask course, they gave me 3 nice new avon masks but put me in a little tent with a ppm counter attached to my drinking tube. Is this now current practice in HMF or not?
  10. Yes it is. The ppm counter/tent you refer to is called PortaCount; the H & SAW Act states that all respiratory protective eqpt has to be tested regularly for leakage using this machine, & MOD/HM Forces & the Police service adhere to this. Some units use it instead of putting troops througn a chamber test, but as all the guidelines state it's a qualitative test as opposed to chamber testing which is primarily a confidence test.
    The FM12 although as you say similar to the S10, is a slightly better system because its sizing is a bit more flexible (due to the different style of head harness). Whereas with the S10 you have sizes 1-4 with 80% of users taking a size 2, with the FM12 you can cater for those inbetween people who would slip through the S10 sizing net & always end up with a leaky respirator. It also gives a bit more flexibility to fit those people whose face profile has changed due to weight loss, for example.
  11. Hopefully you won't or I would suggest getting a different mask :D
  12. What is this PPM thingy? I've just been through reserves basic training and my CBRN phase was virtually identical to the NBC phase that I undertook some years ago as a regular.

    I experienced the "Wave the rag in front of your face-welly enclosed head and see if you can smell pear drops" test, and if you couldn't, it was "off to the chamber (sorry, respirator test facility) for you, sonny!"

    Not quite the same beasting in the chamber, though. :lol:
  13. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    You are supposed to get a certificate to prove the resi has passed the test and I'd assume this would be recorded in some sort of register by the testing unit.

    If you haven't got one then I'd refuse to use it in anger, unless of course a large quantity of nerve agent had been released and a lung full was inbound then take your chances with it.
  14. Cheers Brush-Dust-Shake :) I did wonder
  15. BTW RTF is soooooooooooooo last year its a CTF now, Confidence test.....etce etc