Gas hob hose problem.

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Hexitele, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. I'm trying to supply my IP640SIX Indesit Gas Hob Stainless In Steel with gas (I know I'm just crazy) and naturally the hob didn't come with a hose.

    The problem lies with what is a highly unusual looking hob fitting. Where you would normally find some sort of bayonet fitting on the hob itself to attach the hose to it seems to be the male side of a compression fitting (Imagine a Yorkshire plumbing piece with the nut taken off).

    I think I need a hose with a nut on the end to screw onto the gas hob fitting but can't find one anywhere.

    P.S - Obviously I'd like to avoid waiting until Monday to book a plumber for wednesday so any help appreciated.
  2. You need a qualified gas fitter who will supply the appropriate hose. Do not try doing it yourself as you might succeed in blowing up your house and invalidating your insurance policy. As for the hose you require, it is a standard fitting throughout the EU - only difference being the lengths, 600, 900 & 1200mm.
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  3. Go to screwfix, type in cooker hose. Sorted. Id expect there to be a bayonet fitting on the wall.

    The highly unusual fitting you talk of if its threaded will be a BSP fitting.

    If you think you are crazy for attempting this, maybe you shouldn't be.
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  4. There are two standard fittings in the UK. A competent person is allowed to do the job. Any tapered threads should be PTFE'd before tightening.
  5. I think i'm crazy for wanting to do something as outrageous as cook using a hob i've bought.

    The wall point requires me to screw the hose in rather than bayonet. The other end is the nut.

    As for employing somebody to do it. My local plumber just shafted me nearly £300 notes for 25 minutes work and a £180 part so i'll give that a miss.

    Unless £200 per hour is the going rate for labour?
  6. P.S - Screwfix fell at the first hurdle.
  7. Aquarium hose and harry black should have you warm and toasty in no time.
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  8. And combining reverse free fall with heating up some soup.
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  9. Soup. I remember when I used to be able to warm that up on a hob...
  10. Screwfix sell every type of cooker hose required in the UK, its possible you may need a 1/2" or 3/8" BSP nipple to make a male into a female to accomodate the hose, take a photo of what is on your wall, take your hob with you and visit wickes or B&Q tomorrow, if neither have the hose or fittings, the hob is probably illegal in this country.

    Oh and I still dont beleive Screwfix dont have what you want, are you saying its threaded both ends?
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  11. Check out BES Plumbing Supplies for a catalouge of Misc Gas parts at:{keyword}

    You might be able to get a gadet to adapt whatever connection you currently have to conventional Bayonet connections.

    Worth getting a catalouge anyway.

    Be advised that just recently a bloke was actually Jailed for doiong Gas work without being a Gas Safe plumber! BBC News - Lowestoft plumber jailed for gas work while unregistered refers...

    Even simple bits can catch you out; such as using PTFE tape on threads have to be done with "gas rated" PTFE tape which is thicker by far than regular PTFE tape, used in "one wrap" rather than multi-layers.
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  12. Went into B&Q and Screw fix today. Neither had what was required.

    The hose needs to be threaded at one end and have a nut at the other. The best way to describe what is needed would be it would beed to be capable of screwing back onto itself thus forming a loop. (Obviously this is not what I need it for but I think that explains what end pieces I require).

    I've plumbed in 2 gas hobs before and not only never had a problem I've never even heard of the fittings I'm describing and as such i'm confused.
  13. I'm surprised that screwfix couldn't help you, as they actually sell the very model of cooker that you have!

    Mind you in my experience Screwfix are more like "box shifters" than knowledgeable people. BES tend to be a bit better I find.
  14. A spotty kid who was on his iphone throughout my entire visit and two young girls who actually seemed to have some subject knowledge and advised me that what I was asking for they did not have before they checked the catalogue.