Gas-guzzling cars should pay £1,800 road tax

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Steven, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Well well. Another way to fill the coffers then.

    Their overriding reason for this hike in road tax?

    The MPs' report said: "Considering that climate change is probably the greatest long-term challenge facing the human races, this appears a case ultimately of acting neither fast nor far enough."

    Add this to the toll road/VAT on petrol/insurance etc etc.

    Now the idea might have some merit if their is a viable alternative but there isn't.

    Funnily enough the development of pure electric cars (not hybrid) seems to have all but disappeared. There have been cars produced that are very nearly the same as petrol driven cars in terms of range and speed but you can't buy them in Europe.

    I wonder if the fact that you can "fill them up" from your house plug socket had any bearing on this? Not a lot of extra tax to had you see.

    To quote someone "Solar power will only become widespread when someone finds out how to tax sunlight"...
  2. The tax hike is for the most polluting of cars - not for all cars. Therefore there are alternatives; less polluting cars. If someone is buying a £40,000 car with a petrol V8 then they can afford £1,800 a year in road tax. If on the otherhand you're a "responsible citizen" and buy a small hatchback with a littleish engine then you only pay £80-£110ish, which is nice and cheap. I'm all for it and actually came up with a workable way of taxing up to £5000 a year for those most polluting. On the otherhand I'd like to see the excess revenue going towards grants for less polluting cars and also grants for greener energy sources outside of transport (equiping houses owned by lower social classes with better insulation and solar thermal water heaters - reduces carbon emissions and also reduces fuel bills for those least able to pay).
  3. Well lets start with those cabinet ministers who have the top range cars to do their jobs,then we can tax the rear-ends of the Airline companies,then we can tax the big bosses of those companies who actually make the big cars.This is typical New Labour, if all else fails, tax the h*ll out of the people,make them use the railways and public transport which are the most expensive in Europe.Increase the income tax of those earning in excess of £100,000 per annum by 10% I say.
  4. Call me cynical but does this mean we could be taxed for a problem that affects, and is caused by (almost) everyone on Earth, and not just the UK?
  5. On the other hand, if you have a large family or run a small business which requires stock to be transported you're very likely not particularly well off. And a "small hatchback" is of no use to you.
  6. Have you got anymore words of wisdom? What a load of crap!!
  7. I found this website about increasing your MPG and reducing emmissions;

    Clicky Here
  8. No, just the bit of it that we're causing...

    Crabby, it's a nice idea about using the tax to fund research and grants for less polluting alternatives, but it won't happen. The moment the Treasury realise how much they can make from polluters is the moment that anti-pollution measure will get lip service and little else.
  9. I fail to see the correlation between road tax and "gas guzzling" cars - surely the more petrol a car drinks, the more tax the owner pays anyway when buying juice for the wagon. More crap from the pinko leftie tree huggers
  10. So increase the tax bill of someone who already pays more than their fare share of income tax. I wonder if you were in a position to earn this sum, you would still consider it?
  11. I read in one of the papers this morning that whilst the top range will be £1800, it also mentions the fact that the tax bands are in £300 increments. Hmmm, that's me getting shafted for driving a 2.0 then......oh and anyone else who drives something bigger than a 1.0.
  12. If you live, as I do, in the country and have to have a 4x4 to ensure that you can get around in the winter (the nearest bus stop is over 2 miles away). This might just finish off some rural communities if people keep fixating about 'gas-guzzlers' in cities.

    I also fail to see the proportionality in taxing a vehicle with 20 mpg at £1800, but 50 mpg at £100 (my figures). One of the criteria for taxes are proportionality, fairness (and prudence)
  13. These Neu Arbeit control freaks will only be happy when we're all driving gray proletarian boxes (with satellite tracking devices fitted of course).

    As fuel is already taxed then drivers of bigger engined vehicles are already paying proportionately for their increased consumption anyway FFS.
  14. The motorist is, and will continue to be, the easy target for taxation. Increase in road fund duty, toll all major roads and drive this country back 50 years as the people who need vehicles will no longer be able to use them. Of course, we must rely on our succesfull public transport network.
  15. The tax system is unfair as it is.Those earning less than £15,000 per annum should not pay INCOME TAX.As usual, the low earners in this country are hammered by the government on their meagre incomes and are expected to pay the same VAT and other stealth taxes that everyone else pays.This government in particular have taxed the hard workers in this country to the hilt.It will only be a matter of time before we are all working just to pay tax.