Gas guzzlers to escape steeper road charge

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Talk about half-arsed government planning!!

They dont have any intention to charge more for the less efficient gas guzzling cars that are on the road. That means that a nissan micra (1L) will be charged the same as a 4.6L Range Rover vogue for doing the same journey. How very odd! Not only this, but the larger an engine a car has, the larger it tends to be, hence it takes up more space on the road than a smaller car. Following that logic, if we could persuad people to drive more efficient and smaller cars, we would fit the same amount of cars (with less polution) onto the same area of road. but no, thats too simple for labour...

Could this be because they have a vested interest in the continuning sales of petrol/diesel because a huge part of the treasuries income comes from fule taxes???

Or am i just a cynic???

Fuel-efficient cars will be charged the same as "gas guzzlers" to drive on Britain's roads under controversial plans unveiled yesterday by Alistair Darling, the Transport Secretary.

Mr Darling, who announced proposals for motorists to pay according to when and where they drove, made clear that he opposed varying the rate according to the car itself.

"Having different rates for different cars would add an additional complexity," Mr Darling said. "There are other things we can do to encourage people to drive environmentally-friendly cars."

The Transport Secretary insisted that he was not looking to "pile taxes upon taxes", but would not commit a future Government to scrapping vehicle excise duty or fuel levies in the event that road charging was introduced.

Mr Darling's refusal to vary the road-pricing regime according to the green credentials of the vehicle drew criticism from the environmental lobby yesterday.

Stephen Joseph, director of Transport 2000, said: "We want the mileage rate for 'gas guzzlers' to be twice or even three times that for 'greener' vehicles, to provide a very clear incentive for drivers to buy less polluting vehicles."

Mr Joseph's concern was shared by Alan Duncan, the shadow transport secretary, who said: "If a Mini pays the same as a Bentley, it would be an environmental disaster."
Not cynical. Niaive.

We're going to end up with both.

Pay-per-mile to clear the roads and extra fuel tax to save the planet.
So you're Micra will still be cheaper than a larger car (as it always has been). It's just going to be a heck of a lot dearer than it is now.
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