Gas Engineer

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by peteisfishing, Jun 23, 2008.

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  1. About to book a Gas Engineer course with Met-UK, has anyone out there used this company in the past? Want to make sure that what they say they are going to deliver is worth while.
  2. how much are they charging. and exactly what qualifications are they offering. if its acs ccn1 plus met1. then they may well have a deal with someone like united utilities to provide cannon fodder. be careful pm me if
    you not waste money there are other avenues to be a gas man
  3. The qualifications gained are CCN1,CEN1,WAT1,HTR1,MET1, BPEC L3 ENERGY EFFICIENCY PART P ELECTRICS. ACS Accreditation. Full HEAT membership ( whatever that is!!)
    The total cost of training is £4340.00

    I have been up to the place and it looks very proffesional and well run, they also understand fully the Resettlement process. I just hope it isn't all a front to get the cash off me!! :?
  4. The costing sounds about right Pete. I take it you've googled the company?

    Edited to add if you haven't here is a link for past students -

    Looks pucker-gen!
    Good luck. You'll never be out of work if/when you've passed the Cse. Plus you're getting your Part P from the Cse, which is great.