gas/elec bills germany

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by capitalred, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. What is going on with these, one of my lads has just recieved a bill/debit voucher for £500, he has four kids and xmas is but a mere month away, not that that is the the crux of the matter, 500 quid at any time is well out of order, last years bills were very similar, so they cant be taking anything like the correct amount off at source.

    The Lads wife is understandably distraught, i wont be surprised to read about "gulf war vet disgrace" somewhere else soon.

    another for lad has one for £300 and thats the only two i know about as yet,

    I cant wait for mine to arrive as it was 270 last year, i phoned and complained about that, but nothing seems to have been done, (should i have really expected any different).
  2. So, you want your gas and electric for free then? Or do you just want to use unlimited amounts and let the MOD pay for it then
  3. sounds good to me whats wrong with that?

    its the new caring sharing mod
  4. You could always try unplugging some of your electrical items and wearing some jumpers around the house :D

  5. What, like the UKBC civil servants and BFG Health Service?
  6. you obviously take your real name from the website name. were you bullied?

    the point in question is the simple (Thats simple, you should understand that) fact that the Army/Civilian admin staff can not get a simple thing right time after time in taking the correct amount of money off monthly so that it doesn't end in huge bills being raised against people.
  7. You cant expect a civvy to pay to heat an entire 3 bedroom detached house when there's only 2 of them living there
  8. When I served in Germany, the money was taken out monthly as per usual, but I was in the lucky position of being able to get a rebate on the years payments through careful usage of said utilities.
  9. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    well - i live in germany and i can tell you it's the usual to do it this way here ;)
    the amount seems pretty low to me though - i pay about sixfold of it for my house :x

    anyway - you know before that you will be charged end of the year - so the easiest way would be to put some money aside every month
    that's the way most ppl i know do it - and you won't believe - it works :D
  10. All the mickey taking aside, his real point is not the amount they are paying, but the amount they are paying monthly, not refelcting usuage. And thats a fair point. In todays day and age most people paying Gas and Electric by Direct Debit (which is effectively what your doing with F&L) if they use more, their direct debit gets increased. Would it be so hard to have such a system? Even if you simply give people the option to increase their monthly payments, (i.e. no change to actuall reading taken etc) this would be an improvement. Having just paid for such a fantastic upgraded computer system (JPA), are you telling me it cant cope with people paying variable amounts into a Budget IAC and keep track of those payments?
  11. the monthly sum removed from the wages is far to low to cover any costs, there is not a drama paying, and it is being raised every year as people get larger and larger bills every time. if the forces can get it right why arnt we allowed to pay direct to the provider, like the UK

    P.S. i like people who save especially for a bill, unfortuantly a lot of squaddies dont and TBH never will.
  12. thank you, much more eloquently put than i could manage and exactly what i was trying to get across, i think theres enough folk in serious debt situations already.
  13. What would you rather have.

    1. Overpaying every month and then getting it back, without interest, when they come and read your meter.

    2. Paying the same rate all year round, and you putting a little bit aside every month to offset this 'big bill' , earning interest possibly.

    3. Being a bit more sparing with your usage and saving the environment for a little bit longer, as well as spening less cash.

    We have paid the same rate all year now for 12 months or 18 I think. I moved into my quarter in Jul last year and still got a £60 rebate in October. I know I am Scottish, but I have more electrical things in my house than a branch of Currys.

    Saying all that though, I have yet to find out what has happened this year 8O
  14. It strikes me that this needs to be raised through the CoC, with a view to the system being reviewed.
  15. just received mine got to pay 300. HAVING LOOKED CLOSER 120 is from last year the amount the say they under charged us all.but why do we pay afixed rate every month still to be paying more. would it not be better to pay 2 much and get a rebate in time for xmas.