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Any REMEs know anything about gas converting cars?  It's a 1 year old Golf 1.6.  Who does it, how much, benefits etc?  
Sorry, can't be off much help, except that:
conversion is likely to cost 4 figures...
if you want to remain dual fuel you can say goodbye to boot space (as an average tank will fill it)....
you can probably get contact details in publications as exciting as landrover world and 4x4 monthly...
...with LPG availablity being as bad as it is the worth is very debatable for low consumption vehicles...
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Not That I approve Of This Topic, But If You Are Currently In The UK, Just Pop Into Your Local VW Dealer And They Will Tell You Where You Can Have Your Car Converted..........
As Previously mentioned this is likely to cost somewhere around a grand
best to go out and by a tandem bike and hire a bloke to peddle it though if you ask me!!!!!
OK I can help.  Just leave the motor behind Tescos in Wokingham.  Stuff the keys up the exhaust and leave £250 + a 1 Litre bottle of single Malt (not fussed what) in the glove compartment.  If you haven't heard from me in a month, you aven't seen me...right! 8)


Don't trust any man whoe does not care which brand of Malt Whisky he drinks!! ;)
Could PM him and ask..... you changed your avatar? She's very aggressive looking, is this the new you?:)


I stole it from the Scrap Metal thread, couldn't resist.

Seems more appropriate since everyone's so punchy all of a sudden, lol!
What Scrap Metal Thread?


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Had my 225bhp Impreza LPG converted 3 months ago at Mint LPG in South Wales; cost £1270. Still had 225bhp only now has running costs of diesel. 65p for a litre of LPG :)

You don't loose boot-space but you do loose the spare wheel-well. This gives you a number of options:
1. Carry the spare in the boot - the Impreza has a space-saver.
2. Can of tyre-foam and a 12V compressor. This is what's now sold with a lot of new Audis.
3. Fit run-flat tyres. If you have a BMW, Mini or Lexus then these are often fitted as standard.

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