Gas Canisters in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by andyb, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. Help.

    Off as an embeded photographer on Herrick 9, on the MRX the guys were using Jet Boils etc , thinking of taking one, or the MSR version.

    However one thing strikes me, can I get the gas in country (I've told by MSR you can't) and if not how do you chaps take it with you given the cargo restrictions I've been told of.

    Sorry to post this in gear for op tour as well but I need to know fairly soon
    so I can revise my plans.

    Also any one know of good gloves that work in the low temps but you can still feel what your doing.
  2. Not been to Afg but for what its worth, maybe its best sticking to hexy as you know it is in the resupply system? That, or one of those gucci multifuel stoves that'll burn petrol, meths, etc etc etc?
  3. You will be able to get gas canisters for your jet boil. If you are going to Bastion hunt down unit PRI shops, they should sell them. If not just ask around the troops that are outgoing.
  4. Thanks, guys... What's the score with packing them in my kit for the flight out, do you guys do it or is it a no, no...
  5. From personal experience do not take Dangerous goods like gas on RAF flights in your personal gear they tend to get a bit p1ssed by it. You are generally going to get hexi most places (if you need it) so make sure you have something other than a Jetboil cup to cook on. Be aware that that if you buying thing like jetboils you'll only be able to get the fuel in larger US/UK facilities in Afghanistan.
  6. A mate in the TA took a jetboil out to Afghan last tour; after a month I got a letter begging me to send him my metal mug and one of those things you put on a hexy stove to make the mug fit, because the jetboil took up waay too much space in his kit and gas cost an arm and a leg off the septics.

    The contact gloves (GLOVES CONTACT COMBAT ARAMID 8415-99-701-5724) are pretty thin (like kid's woollen gloves) but because they're nomex are surprisingly warm even when wet. You might want something else thicker for when you don't need your hands, but when using a weapon they're the dog's working parts.
  7. I will second this. I had a jet boil in my kit and a few cans of gas and after 2 days in a FOB dumped the jetboil in my Bergan and left it there.

    Hexi is guarenteed on the re-supply (Err, well sort of :wink: ) and alot of the cooking was done in one go so using a "Jack-Boil" wasn't useful for doing 8 Sausage and Beans.
  8. Thanks guys.

    So I should be OK with some kind of multi-fuel stove, Coleman, MSR etc, and a Hexi. Just a few more questions, are the issue inflatable kip-mats/thermarest’s that are popping up on EBay any cop, and since I’m a civvy and get issued with nothing is there anything you’d consider essential to take bearing in mind I’ve got shed loads of comm.’s kit (laptop, satphone Bgan) so I’m thinking of waterproof bags and such like.
  9. The kip mats aren't too bad - But they melt in the summer heat and somehow expand in weird ways. Mine ended up looking like it had a pillow stuffed in it when inlfated. Great for a couple of weeks but it ended up fooked and I had to settle for using a ten man ration box folded out.

    Lucky for you however its a winter tour. I suggest you wrap up warm.
  10. Heard a rumour that Hexi Blocks are going to be replaced by the Gel sachets ?
  11. Andy - you could do worse than look at ALPKIT for one of their 'Airic' kip mats. Choose your thickness and therefore how comfortable / heavy you want to be. They are very well rated by mil and civ guys. In fact, all their kit is really highly rated.
  12. Heard the same thing about a year ago; hexy is carcinogenic so we're not allowed to use it any more...

    Twelve months on, still using it. No cancer. And no more of those crappy little gel sachets.
  13. Body armour and blue helmet, perhaps? Failing that, a baseball cap with the stars and stripes on, to make you easily recognisable to excitable septics as a western civvy.

    Ortlieb bags are great for keeping water and dust out of your kit. Well worth the money. Surge protectors might be an idea too; the power supplies can be a bit dodgy.
  14. Thanks…

    Yep had conflicting advice on wearing my blue kit in this particular part of the world, been OK every where else but here my BG says no, MoD sys yes…

    As to keeping warm, think I have the top part covered with a snugpak pile shirt, softie jacket and a Sasquatch, which should do… What about waterproofs? and keeping the bottom half warm. Any suggestions…