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I have moved into a brand new quarter and been there for 4 months.

Over the past 12 years my gas and electricity bills have been reasonable. We pay by direct debit and normally get some sort of rebate when we move every two years.

I have been in the new quarter for 4 months and my gas and elec bill has just come through. It is nearly £1000. In the last 12 years I have never even got near this amount over the period of 1 year never mind 4 months.

I am married with no kids. I leave the heating on 24/7 however the thermostat is set to 17 degrees. I have set my heating this way for the last 12 years. The cooker is electric. having spoken to powergen who have me on dual fual they cannot understand what is wrong. Having spoken to DHE they have said if the meter readings are correct there is nothing they can do.
Having just checked the meter again I have noticed that it has used 200 gas units in 1 week.

I am pretty sure there must be something wrong. Does anyone have any idea what I should do now.
See if powergen will send an engineer out to check the system, my neighbour used to have their electric fire on in their living room all day at the weekends and all evening on weekdays, plus central heating all day every day during the winter (even when they were away on leave) and the most their bill came to for a quarter was £400.
Definately worth getting an engineer sent out, 200 units in 1 week!!
Also ask Powergen what readings they were given for the last occupants and check against the readings when you took over.


My next doorneighbours did this huge gas bill, it turns out that the previous owner had messed around with appliances and there seemed to be a leak on the consumer side of the meter, I'd be prepared for a shock if you owned the place but if its a quarter then any problems shouldnt be yours. Ensure you have dates and times of all conversations with them recorded to back up your claims for not paying the huge bills and also check that they had the right reading when you marched in.

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