Gary (Uncle Fester) Schofield - RIP

Ex Corps Member

Gary was the life and soul of many parties and would bend over backwards to help anyone as a storeman - Techs included.

He lived life to the full and will be sorely missed by many, especially those that he shared a story and a beer or two with. (Lava lounge for e.g.)

Deepest Sympathies go to his family.

RIP Mate
As Inst_Techs_Rule says.
Gaz 'Fester' Schofield was an excellent drinking buddy and a top boss. Had many a laugh with him in and out of work.

He left the Army to do his dream job of owning a pub, where he must have kept his regulars highly entertained.

RIP Buddy
I knew Gary from Canada, a great, great bloke.

Im sure those of us who were on the Dolphin Doctors tour of Calgary will remember him for his funny stories and how he kept us pissing ourselves at his antics.

You will be sadly missed.

I will always remember the day I glued every page of his diary together and he then banned me from signing out Loctite from his store. He was a top bloke and will be missed by all.

Thoughts and prayers go out to his family

Bumped into Gaz at the Corps weekend in July, served with him in NI, funny bloke and some of his stories were the biggest load of crap you've ever heard but kept us laughing for hours.

RIP mate.
Gaz was a nieghbour of ours in Canada. My missus and I are both saddened to hear of his passing. Great bloke, great stories and always a good charachter to have around...especially on the lash as Gaz would have preferred it.
RIP mate
This is the first of me hearing this news...gutted. Gary was indeed a top bloke and his completely exaggerrated stories made him the legend he was. He was at 2LI with me in the mid 90s and then I saw him in BATUS in 2003 where we caught up over several beers at his house. Many condolences to his family.

RIP buddy.
I too was at 2LI with him mid nineties. top storeman in boz with his little helper (brownie). he had all the time in the world for the juniors and entertained us constantly. my thgoughts go out to his family.
Monitored this site for about 2 years now and never felt the need to comment until now. Gaz was an absolute legend. Honest, frank, excellent company and a real friend. On his leaving speech from our unit he singled me out to go far, I thank him and hope he's looking down and saying told you so. A few years later I caught up with him in BATUS and true to form stayed at his gaff and frequented the Lava Lounge. He had plans then to buy a pub in Fleetwood I think and I made a mental note to visit him sometime. My thoughts, and those of my wife who thought him adorable (only women can think that way of him!), go to Mel and their family.
I was there at 2 LI with him too. What a shocker to see his name in the obituaries - he was a good laugh and kept us all entertained. Does anyone know what happened ?
I used to skydive with Gaz in Ballykelly 89-90. Top bloke and always guarantted to liven up any bar or queue of hesitant newbie skydivers.
Just caught this. What a fcuking nightmare. I will never forget Gaz and his antics at Batus - Mess and Wksp both. A top bloke and one of the REME's great characters.
I served with Gaz at 2LI, I was his crafty in the stores, only just seen this as I was trying to look him up. Very sad and it goes without saying an absolute legend.

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