Gary: Tank Commander

Anyone seen the trailer for this?

Its on at 2315 this wednesday (28th) on More4.

Based on a mock documentary of 'Gary Mclintoch', the campest Tank Commander in the British Army, telling his tales from Telic.

does look a wee bit of banter (or not, you decide)

heres the original 10 minute sketch:

Gary: Tank Commander


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Produced by The Comedy Unit for channel 4 as part of the funny cuts series on E4. “Gary: Tank Commander” is a mock documentary written by and staring Greg McHugh. Directed By William Andrews, it is an hilarious vignette of the life of Gary McKlintoch – an officer in the mechanised infantry :wink:

Actually saw this before on E4 (I fink) sitting in Al Ammarah getting mortared was funnier than this

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