Gary Tank Commander

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by theEnd, Dec 22, 2009.

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  1. Has anybody else been watching this on BBC iPlayer?

    At first it took some time to warm to but now I just think it's hilarious - a bit of mocking the army and kicking the arrse out of the Glaswegian accent but shows the true army I reckon!
  2. The youtube clips are the best :D lol
  3. What is it with 19 threads on everything at the moment?
  4. The search function is clearly goosed again...
  5. Obviously :roll:

    So I'll save anyone searching through the threads by saying the majority view is that it's one of the worst pieces of comedy ever produced
  6. The 'youtube' bits are hilarious...although the slightly (i use the term loosely) camp corporal leaves a bit of head scratching... :? still funny though! Comical when he walks through arrivals to the fat bird wearing oversized sunglasses and talking about the weather...
  7. saying that some bits are a little cringe-worthy, such as the overuse (or use at all...) of the term 'Sarge'. And using a heavily cammed up AS90 as a tank... And 2 commissions hanging in the 'Sarges' office...
  8. To be fair there are two bits i found slightly amousing (spelling?) the bit where the lad gets his jollies whilst recruiting and the hearts and minds operation.
    Pile of wank otherwise.
  9. Its not an AS90, its the one the gunners used before the AS90, F*ck if i know the name of it but im pretty sure thats too small to be an AS90!
  10. wikipedia...thats all im saying...not an expert on the AS90 so apologies if im (wikipedia's) wrong!
  11. Found the bastard ! Its an Abbot !

    Wikipedia for you mate :wink:

    Also, vehicle recognition, the AS90 has 6 wheels,2 cog thingys and the Abbot has 5 wheels and 2 cog thingys 8)
  12. Sorry,It's shite
  13. Some bits of it are ok, others complete dross. The funniest thing I've seen on it is when they encounter the bearded bloke in a dress who was one of 'them' :D I think the writer has been spending a lot of time on arrse!
  14. Agree, it's shite.

    I laughed AT it, not with it.