Gary, Tank Commander

I'm disappointed now, I can't watch streaming vids at work and because I thought it was something to do with Gary the Snail, Spongebob Squarepants companion
Caught it by accident whilst flicking around the On-Demand thingy. Watched the one where he's recruiting in the shopping precinct after coming back from Iraq.

Apart from the fact that Gary is a bit camp for me, although they're spot on with him being a chubby Tank commander :wink: it's actually quite funny.

I found the episode I've mentioned quite believeable. The borderline lezzer female SNCO called 'Sgt Splitter' :D and the fact the the young trooper managed to shag one of the MOP in the disabled toilets. Pure class!

I will try and catch up on more but until this thread I thought it was a one-off.

Edited to add: I live in England and Virgin media run it.
Whoever the writer is he must be an ex squaddie or has a really good source. Lots of very "squaddie" type references and jokes, but with a lot of scottish humour too.

Last nights one had my better half peeing herself with laughter....and she normally hates anything like thats good :)
2/51 said:
Whoever the writer is he must be an ex squaddie ........
I've got a funny feeling I read, ON ONE OF THE OTHER NUMEROUS GARY THREADS ON ARRSE ... use the search function, that Greg McHugh, who plays Gary, wrote it. I could be wrong, mind.

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