Gary Tank Commander Series 3


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Starts soon


To subtle for south of the boarder. Ye ken.
Wonder what the 'video interludes' will feature this time?


I was just thinking the other day about this show and wondering if there had been any more series! Thanks for this reminder, glad to know I've not missed out, will set my skyplus :)
Or what his dad is cooking.

Oan the night. :)
Is it on iPlayer?

If I go any further South I'll be in fcuking France, and I doubt MCM will post me North of the wall so I can watch tele.
Nahhh..its pretty funny if you live up here and get the in jokes. There is always something or someone you think, "Yep...that rings a bell".

I was trying to work out where some of the scenes were filmed...did I see Glencorse at one stage??
As an Englishman, I must say the Jock-comedies (Gary, Still Game, etc.) are much funnier than English fare!

Best line of season 2: GRILG, Granny Rabbit I'd Like to F**k ;)

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