Gary Sheffield The Redcaps

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by heva85, Nov 17, 2007.

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  1. In a previous thread Biscuits_AB mentioned this book. I have since tried to get hold of a copy and have struck a few problems. After trawling the internet and visiting a few book shops, I have eventually found out that it is no longer in print. Can anyone suggest where I might be able to get a copy, or possibly suggest any current books that would be useful to read in preperation for phase 1?
  2. A bit disapointing as its a conventional military history and crime plays very little part in the narrative.

    Personally I wanted to read more about bent officers selling tanks to the Germans and that kind of malarky

    maybe I am thinking too much like a copper

  3. Yes, and a French one at that.."eh? Monsieur German, you like a' some French raffels? Never fyerd and onlee dropp'ed once. You take a one home for your waff"?
  4. There is one page upon which there is absolutely no disappointment. That's the one which mentions me. A damned fine page it is as well. The rest of the book was OK. I did promise mine to someone on the site, but I cannot bloody find it.
  5. There is a decent book about Branch early days that reads like Micket Spillane. Guns, Drugs & Deserters. You will need to dig one up from the usual suspects.
  6. I managed to pick up an old book on court martials from WW2. I'll have to find it to see the title as I've forgotten it, but it was based upon real cases and I believe that it was written by an ALS Officer sometime in the early 50s.
  7. Thanks, will look for it !

  8. I think the book Biscuits is referring to is:

    Bisset, I. (1957): Trial At Arms: Some Famous Trials by Courts Martial, MacGinnon & Kee, London.

    The author was an ALS Lt Col.
  9. You will find that Biscuits has a mention in that book too!
  10. "Guilty, 5 years...march out"!
  11. Good Lord - Gary Sheffield was my Military History tutor at Sandhurst. He was a very young ginger bloke then (unlike me, I was just very young). He was a good guy - what was he doing writing about the RMP?
  12. Try asking him.
  13. Hmmm. I would, but it was an awfully long time ago.