Gary McKinnon, welcome to the US penal system

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by agoodgrouping, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. Surely they will offer him a job like on Catch Me If You Can!

  2. Yes, their IT system was mega secure… über secure personal passwords like 'password' and admin password fields left blank. :roll:
  3. He'll be given a job in the library of a mental health unit in a Federal facility (read prison). He's lucky he wont do time in a State facility where he would be 'advised' to join the Aryan Brotherhood and pimped out within the gang.
  4. McKinnon should be sent to the States, if he is such an austic mong then his mother should have cuffed him and not let him near a PC.

    If he had of hacked into LATC Mil and killed 800 folk in a United 777 touching a BA 747 crashing on the M4 he would of been hung.
  5. It's a weird story, some people think this guy is some computer hacker with huge experience and ability, in reality the facts of the case were:

    1 - He used an old bog standard computer.
    2 - He had a dial up connection, not even broadband!
    3 - He went onto the site and just started using names like Admin and passwords such as password.
    4 - He got in because of this, they did not remove the basic admin/password from the system.
    5 - He went hunting for ET stuff, didn't find it and went onto other conspiracy sites.

    I think a lot of this case is to hide the embarrassing fact that their system was so easily beaten, if a man with no more than a basic knowledge of computers and behind the times technology can breach their security what are the real questions that should be asked, if this was the UK system would people be happy that the system was so lax?
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  6. However, he didn't, he hacked in to the Pentagon looking for info on UFOs. He's not a 'mong' either, many people with Asperger's are highly intelligent individuals, I've worked with two who have advised government on their areas of special interest.
  7. emperour mong to US IT bods
    its friday afternoon just leave the password as password for your boss is a mong who continually loses passwords and nobody will suspect the US military does'nt change its passwords
    it bod cheers for that its miller time
    the emperour Bwhahahaahahaha :twisted:

    a half decent lawyer will call whose ever in charge of military IT security :twisted:
  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Hacker usually end up working for the DoD, NSA or some other Shadowy Agency if they are any good. I'm not convinced the 'Jail time' won't mean he disappears 'off the grid' and ends up in an anti - hacking job somewhere.

    That said, he is (allegedly) a quasi - mong, so he might not be capable of working 9-5. And we know how fond the Yanks are of jailing people with mental problems for 100's of years (life meaning life).
  9. Let the cunt rot, there is fuck all wrong with him, if you can't do the time don't do the crime. End of.
  10. He also deleted critical OS files, shut down the Washington Military District's computer network and deleted US Navy weapons logs, as well as leaving messages threatening to continue disrupting networks.

    The Yanks can have him, as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Just as well we have the Special Relationship or he'd be in deep sh1t... :roll:
  12. No- its more the fact that the US says "jump" and this fvcked up country of ours says "how high sir" that pisses me off
  13. Which is what the Septics allege, but don't have to provide any proof. This fella should never be given into the dubious embrace of an administration that fails to provide prisoners with basic human rights, that keeps prisoners in limbo and refuses to tell them what crimes they're charged with of allow them to see the evidence against them.