Gary McKinnon, lets hide him

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Aunty Stella, Sep 13, 2008.

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  1. As you may or may not know, UFO crackpot Gary McKinnon has lost his appeal against extradition to the US for hacking into woefully insecure NASA computers in his search for evidence of UFO's.

    Linky HERE

    Now, regardless of how much of a fruitcake he may be, how fcuking dare the US demand the extradition of a UK citizen to face charges in the US for a crime commited in the UK?

    The only thing he actually achieved was showing NASA how crap their security was. He was no threat to security, had no political agenda and is frankly way too much of a Star Trek geek to be a terrorist.

    The US have bullied the UK and EU courts into extraditing him.

    He faces a life sentence in the US for a crime that he would probably get a 12 month sentence for in the UK.

    I would gladly hide this guy in my plant pots in order to stop the Stazi (oops, sorry, meant US Dept of Justice) getting their slimy mitts on him.

    Seen as the US felt fit to not ratify the extradition treaty under which he is being extradited, my feelings are to tell them to go fcuk theirselves.

    Isn't it about time our own government started reading page 1 of our passports and actually applying the "afford the bearer such protection as may be neccesary" to their own citizens?
  2. Duty rumour is that MDN already offered Gary the "sanctuary" of his shed. Gary has therefore, been attempting to get on an earlier flight to the US.

    Oh, and wot Aunty Stella said on the serious bit.
  3. The unemployed former sysadmin is accused of hacking into 97 US government and military systems between 2001 and 2002. US authorities described the hack as the biggest military attack ever, whereas McKinnon has consistently described himself as a bumbling amateur looking for evidence about UFOs

    It rings a bell that he was able to cause the sale of fresh underwear to NSA, DIA, DOD and CIA due to his ability to access the Pentagon and NORAD.

    If the yanks want to throw him in a cell. Can we not compromise and have him work for us at some hush hush location, unless the gents in the brooks brothers suits are actually going to let him work for them while appearing to be locked up.
  4. Yep, happened with those bankers too. Unfortunately HMG is not too keen on protecting the interests of the citizens (subjects) that elect memebers to Parliament who form HMG, especially when the supposed crimes have occured on UK soil and have not contravened UK law. The problem is Wee Tony Toady slimed all over GB (George Bush not Gordon Brown) in a sycophantic gesture which has not been reciprocated, nor will it.
  5. Fcuk off Roadster

    The crime was commited in the UK.

    The repurcussions were felt in the US.

    He did do the crime, no doubt about that, but it was committed in the UK. If you engage brain and look through my other posts (just filter the NAAFI ones out) you'll see that I have a far, far greater understanding than you think. Mainly due to it being a big chunk of my job.

    Just because the US says "jump", why the fcuk should we?

    He used a bog standard PERL program to crack these "secure" sites. The main thing he did was proved what a bunch of cnuts the NASA IT security guys were.

    So, I'll revert to my sterotype that you behold and repeat, go fcuk yourself you insignificant donkey blower.
  6. See where you're at Roadster, but Gary McKinnon was able to hack into how many US Government systems? Now, either he's a man with talents that would have all manner of orgs in comms with him, or; The embarassment at being hacked in this way, and the weaknesses it exposed are possibly the main drivers behind his extradition?

    As for the hacking itself - if you don't want people walking around your store out of hours, lock the doors.
  7. Not that there would be a good timing to perform such and act as he did, the simple fact that he choose to launch his attacks at the time he did the book should be thrown at his head...

    And if he manages to stand up and say he's genuinely sorry after all that, THEN he can get the job for quite literally, "owning them" [technical term]. They do owe him, but he owes them a pound of flesh first.
  8. He wan't even that talented. He downloaded a snippet of PERL that searched for accounts that had BLANK passwords!

    Even my 7 year old knows to enter at least some sort of password on his PC account.

    This isn't about what he did, it's about where he did it.

    It's not like he was a commited terrorist planning the overthrow of the USG, he is a UFO nut that was looking for evidence of a cover up and little grey men with big heads at Roswell.

    The US claimed he caused thousands and thousands of dollars of damage. My IT manager reckons he caused a minor inconvenience that would have been solved with an email saying "For fcuks sake you idiots, put a password on your accounts"

    My job is physical and electronic security for both private sector and gobernment. I find it amusing that McKinnon is seen as the criminal when the real criminals are NASA and DOD employees that left their IT systems wide open.

    By demanding extradition the US are effectivley saying that they don't trust the UK justice system. Whilst I can sympathise with that thought, I certainly wouldn't send a UK citizen to a possible life sentence just because he believed ET was running NASA.
  9. But then we go to the age old (as much as an IT question can be) question of IT crimes being totally unique when it comes to borders.

    A terrorist planting a bomb in the UK that explodes in the US deserves to be tried in the US. And the UK.

    The countries will then agree as to where he will be tried as loss of life has been involved and he will be punished. The country that has suffered the loss of life deserves the trial.

    Same with financial crime committed over the web where the "losers" are in another country.

    But "simple" hacking is different. There were no victims here except the IT guys in charge of the "hacked" systems being made to look total cnuts. No one was hurt, the financial implications were peanuts (in fact, he probably saved them a fortune by highlighting their gaping holes before someone did something really nasty) . He didn't even take down their sites, he just accessed info from them.

    Obviously this only applies to democratic countries where there are laws against such things. If someone commits said acts in a country where they will legally get away with it then they deserve to be hunted. But the UK is not one of those places.

    So, yes he committed a criminal act and deserves to be punished. But a potential life sentence and being branded a terrorist? I think not.

    Britain is capable of dealing with him, so why give in and extradite him to the US?

    Besides that, the US has NOT ratified the extradition treaty under which he is being extradited. There was a parliamentary EDM discussing this as long ago as 2005 and yet still nothing has been done. Basically we are agreeing to our side of the treaty whereas the US are ignoring theirs. So why the fcuk should we uphold our side?
  10. You would be very surprised and are making a very sweeping comment there.

    Some of the "average arrsers" (especially some of the regular posters) as you describe them are Int Corps, SIS, IT professionals, IC lawyers, Signals (which now encompasses vast swathes of IT security) etc, etc.

    Don't make the mistake that just because some of us like to blow off steam by acting like complete squaddie cnuts that we are uneducated complete squaddie cnuts :)

    I employed a guy off here that you wouldn’t have thought could tell the time judging by his posts. He completely re wrote our Borland databases in a day.

    Theres an adage somewhere about books, covers and judgments :)
  11. Errrrrr, no.

    There have been three recent threads concerning the Towers and a dedicated thread to the animation. Look em up.

    PS, the animation is an American one from an American site. Go figure.
  12. What is a Bronze Star?

    What do you have to do to get one?

    Please enlighten me.

    Editted for the Hard of Hearing.
  13. And it's not my fault if she is disturbed by exploding elephants, or if her brother was present when it's rib cage exploded.

    I have two gold stars for my homework on Saturn in the second year of Junior School. Dos that out do his bronze ones?
  14. Bronze Star

    Crikey - more court mounting:

    Jesus Tonight, how many more medals do I need?
  15. From what I can gather Roadster, you appear to be an ex Brit squaddie married to a sceptic.

    Before I go any further, can you confirm or deny the above?

    Nothing malicious, I'm just trying to figure out where you are coming from