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Gary Glitter to be freed on 19th August

BarkingSpider said:
Apologies if this has been posted before but I couldn't find anything. I did a search on here under Gary 'Glitter', 'Free', 'Freed', 'Gadd' (his real name) and it came up with nothing.
Here's the news anyway:


Hopefully he'll come back here and someone will slot the barstard.

Any ideas for a welcome home party?
Well,I reckon some young Vietnamese children would be appreciated (if his charge sheet is any indication of his tastes).
Lock up your sons, daughters and pekingese pooch in downtown AnyAsian City.
A coming out of jail party? A feckin' lynching party is what that scum needs.
Apparantly, just before he was convicted, his manager walked into his hotel room and found him doing a young girl;

"FFS Gaz" says the manager, "she's only 14"

"Yeah ... but she looks 11" replies Glitter.

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