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As justice is blind (and so is your mum thank god) cast your opinion.

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Suspended sentence.

They are going to hang him
i hope to god that he gets prison and gets appropriatly buggers by a large man with AIDS (a punishment know as a slow puncture)

but knowing uk courts he will probably get a fine and be back in the corps doing his job badly and getting people done for refering to him as a 'dirty nonce'

if i see him again in my life i will not hesitate in taking him out on to an impact area and burying him in a shallow nonce grave
BiscuitsAB said:
monkeyspanker said:
If he does get away with not going to nick, where could the Corps post him for his last 3 years?
Colly? isnt a criminal record grounds for dismissal?
I can't imagine the Army wishing to retain the services of a convicted paedophile whether he receives a custodial sentence or not. I suppose that it also depends on the case and any mitigating factors which come into play. That having been said a conviction and entry on the Sex Offenders' Register is likely to restrict which countries will allow his entry which would affect his employablity by the Army.
As he has admitted guilt, he should automatically go on the sex offenders register no matter what the sentence. and as there are soldiers serving under the age of 18. They are officially classed as juniors. It must be illegal for someone like him in a position of authority to possibly be in charge of juniors. So if they is any justice he should be dishonourably discharged from the service.
A known nonce would have to be spectacularly stupid to want to be anywhere near a military environment.

He's probably in line for a peerage and a junior Cabinet post.
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