Gary Glitter and Dung

Authorities in Hanoi said that they are searching for former Brit rock star Gary Glitter over his alleged relationship with a Vietnamese teenager...

" At present, relevant authorities in Ba Ria Vung Tau province are trying to trace this gentleman, and clarify the relationship between this gentleman and a Vietnamese juvenile " said Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Le Dung

Dung said they have conducted interviews with the 15 year old whom they found in the same home rented by Glitter.. Glitter [ real name Paul Francis Gadd ] had applied for permanent-resident status in Vietnam.. Sexual abuse of a minor in 'Nam carries the death penalty...

Glitter is 61 and was a glam rocker during the '70's in Britain. He served half of a 4 month sentence in '99 for possession of child porn and remains on the British sex offender list....

Seems Dung is ready to throw some serious Sh*t Glitter's way...
I thought I read last year where Glitter was nailed by the Thai authorities for the same crap. I would have thought he'd still be rotting in a Thai prison right now.


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"Do ya wanna touch me, touch me, touch me, now?"

No, feck off you old perve.

I imagine that theVietnamese prison regime is slightly different from the one that he is used to from the UK :twisted:

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