Gary Barlow has been naughty and needs investigating.

Why are they throwing a few untalented cunts like Jimmy Carr and Gary Barlow to the wolves?

Don't the Cameron family, the Milliband family, The Blair Bastards, the Mandelfuckingson family, every cunt who "loaned " money to the parties have exactly the same deals?
Gary Barlow is OK in my book as he treated Robbie Williams like the tedious clay head twat he really is.

His finest hour was refusing to drop Robbie off at his home when Take That were on tour, they used to just dump him at Keele service station instead.
If I was loaded I'd pay the least amount possible too. It's not illegal and the hypocritical politicos can waffle on about morals 'til the cows come home, it's up to them to pull their fingers out and close the loopholes.
The cunts.

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