Garrison Tailors - YOU HAVE TO PAY!

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Army_Rizzle, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. Just been down to the tailors to get some shirts and jackets have the badges put on and we now have to pay for the service. $2.50 per badge! The reason being that the army cant afford to pay for the service anymore.

    Maybe Ive got a bee in my bonnet but what an absolute joke. We can afford to send jets on 6,000 mile round trips to libya but not for soldiers uniforms to have the correct badges on.

    Now I know I could sew them myself but I still need to get the badges in the first place which will cost me.
  2. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Yep, we were told that too. TRFs not issued and to be bought by the soldier, therefore the soldier must pay for them to be sewn to the uniform as they are not issued despite it being in Corps dress regs. Similar to the Corps instruction that medals are to be court mounted. However, court mounting is at soldier's expense.
  3. TRF's, Mech Flashes and Name Tapes.

    All at soldiers expense now.
  4. Thin edge of the wedge... what next buying your own ammo?
  5. Funny that this has happened at the same time we are going to Velcro. You will only need to get a couple of sets of Badges done then just change them between tops, like you have to do with you issue rank slides.
  6. Just don't buy them and then you don't have to pay to sew them on. All you have to say when you are picked up on parade is "not issued". Of course they will try and make you regret it but I'm sure there'll be a sharp 'about turn' once the papers get hold of the story.
  7. Does this also apply to ribbons on number two's?

  8. Do you genuinely believe that any body here on this site, or indeed on this planet actually gives a ****? You moaning faced ****.
  9. Everybody has the right to put what they want on here, Some one else might want to know. JUST BECAUSE YOU COULD NOT GIVE A SIHT DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO SAY SO.

    If you dont want to know just dont read that thread.
  10. Someone is in real need of a hug.
  11. I've never had the garrison tailor sew on a TRF, Bde flash or TRF because they usually do a gash job at it but I give a shit its the principle of it. The CoC are telling us to get this shite on our kit then they should pay for it!
  12. Quite right! You tell 'em! Stamp your feet and rant at the CoC!

    See how far it gets you.
  13. no need to be pedantic obviously I didn't mean my CO should pay out his own pocket but that it should be paid for by the system!

  14. Well 'whoopdeefuckingdoo' for you.
  15. Don't read the thread? Have a word with yourself you ****. How the **** are people meant to find out what you moaning face arse wipes are clogging the site up with if they don't read the ******* thread?