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Garrison in Carlisle, 1819

Does anyone have any idea how I can find out which regiments were in the garrison in Carlisle around 1819? I have possibly found the basis of a family legend, in which the unmarried daughter of a pub landlord had a son by a soldier, who then went to Cork, presumably without taking her with him. I know when the son was christened, and it would be entertaining to find more info on the father.
Thanks for that. They don't keep records, so I'm working through the deplyments of every regiment (!) until I find a few likely culprits. top of the list at the moment are the 4DG and 6DG's. You know what these cavalry types are like!
Cumbria County Record Office might have something, if there is a local directory or listings. Sometimes a run through the Parish Records, Christenings, Marriages, Deaths of the immediate period, say 1818-1820 can yield a reference to other soldiers and name the regiment. But family stories are often quite garbled and way out in dates. Good luck.

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