Garnett foundation terrible attitude

i feel a need to vent the frustration about this organisation.

for those that don't know, the Garnett foundation are a civillian company who have the contract and must be used to instruct on CLM courses needed for promotion to teach equallity and diversity..

During a recent CLM course, one of the guys made a slightly immature joke during a roleplay phase (all the guys laughed- its our humour...). one particular Garnett foundation member took massive offence. The individual apologised immediatly for any offence, he in fact did this several times. And the offended invividual was heard clearly to say they were happy with this and the matter was closed. And again when asked later, they were happy things were resolved. This particular Garnett foundation member had been rude, condicending and arrogent towards all the military guys that day cutting people off if they attempted to discuss an issue that didn't reflect 100% the way she saw things. This resulted in some slightly negitive feedback when questioned about how everyone had found the training. she seemed put out by this.

The next day this individual had writen a long letter to serveral senior officers, who then tried to nip it in the bud by making the "naughty boy" write a letter of humble apology, which he did (that alone annoys me). He also recived a load of extras.

surely this would be enough you'd think? No. the Garnett foundation individual has now taken the matter as high as they possibly could, and i mean high. Trying as hard as they can to ruin this poor guys career. He's undastandable gutted and disillisioned.

In short. Nasty piece of work Garnett foundation member presumably upset because a few people questioned her companies work, goes balls out to ruin someone's career over a tiny incident. Pathetic.

Anyone else have any expirences of these people?

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