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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by loyalbrother, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. looking to get a garmin for canada and kenya whilst on exercise, it will also be used for hill walking, any ideas on the best to buy for the job.
  2. I have a Foretrex 301, absolutely brilliant, I'd recommend it without hesitation.
  3. and will this do the job as a bulldog commander in canada?
  4. Seconded. Any of the Foretrex range
  5. would you recomend before the etrex range
  6. Foretrex are wrist mounted and are great for dismounted troops. Aren't vehicles fitted with VAGR?
  7. I would agree with the 301. However, to better that, get the 401!
  8. Used both 302 and 401 for hill walking. The 401 worth the extra £20. Hope you enjoy your trips.
  9. not sure about, 6 weeks in bulldog on the prairie, then a further 6 weeks in kenya on exercise lol, i was looking at the garmin etrex 10
  10. I have a Colorado 300. Cheap, but does the job.
  11. Sorry no experience of the etrex.
  12. i use MAGELLAN gps 310 a few years old but keeps me on track,, and easy to use
  13. etrex is good, I have an old cheap one with fcuk all memory but even with 250k I can upload a pretty big basemap.

    Dont understand the fortrex, the site says you cant do anything with the base map

    Maps & Memory:

    • Basemap: no
    • Preloaded maps: no
    • Ability to add maps: no
    • Built-in memory: no
    • Accepts data cards: no

    maybe i am missing something.
  14. You don't need a base map. The Foretrex gives you a ten figure grid and the ability to add routes and waypoints. It is lightweight, fits on your wrist/ osprey and is compatible with some applications we use in theatre.

    They are used by the majority of commanders on the ground. I have used mine in Kenya, many UK training areas, Arizona, Afghanistan, and recreationally in the dales and N York moors. It does everything you need and is simple enough to be squaddie proof.
  15. Best thing about the Fortrex 301 is it can be got through they system.

    Its a great bit of kit for vehicle and dismounted use.