Garmin GPS units and software

Anyone got any experience with Garmin’s GPS units, and specifically their Basecamp software?

I am interested, because Basecamp can apparently upload/download KMZ files. These are used/invented by Google Earth, which is my own use case for these files. Some of the things you can’t do in Google Earth, like split paths, or concatenate them, become limiting in my use case. I’ve written a piece of software that does those missing features, but I am curious if either the GPS units or Basecamp will do it.

Grateful for any experience with them!
Go onto the advrider forum there are a lot of people who seem to enjoy playing with their GPS's and who are very knowledgeable.

Under Riding/Mapping & navigation you will find a Basecamp tutorial.

You have a motorcycle, join up and ask a question, the inmates are very helpful.


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