Garmin Foretrex 401

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MAD_FERRET, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. Afternoon all

    Im in the market for a GPS, the weopon of choice 'seems' to be the Garmin Foretrex 401.

    On EBAY, apart from the price and possibly my ignorance of these systems, can anyone tell me the difference between this one:

    And this one:


    Has anyone any better recomendations if their is anything better? Im still a map and compass man myself, however everyone seems to be using these now and l need to get used to one and over my technophobia before deployment.
  2. far as i know a 401 is a 401....there isn't a mil spec one as such. Its is customisable in that you can change the compass bearing to mils. I've got a 401 & its a great piece of kit but then i'm no longer serving. However, with regards to hills & dales stuff for route logging etc its spot on. Takes seconds to pick up the sattelites too when booting from cold. Much quicker than the Etrex Summit GPS i used to have.
  3. Make sure its not a dodgy refurb, these do get used overseas and get returned for repair and are resold...
  4. I love my 401 it is the dogs goolies - my only dislike is that I cannot get it to show a grid reference - if I am being a mong then please enlighten me.
  5. Press "Mark" and then view the GR on there?
  6. I think I might be really monging it - mine is a garmin foreRUNNER 405 - designed for running etc with HRM and GPS for speed etc.

    It is sunday and I am hungover. If anyone knows how to get a grid out of my model then I would be a happy teddy bear.
  7. Page 3 times (to the one after elevation)
    select change fields
    down arrow to a 'wide field' (ie not one that is two across the screen)
    enter again down arrow until 'LOCATION' is highlighted

    that should do it - check your setup/units setting is correct for the map you are using.
  8. Alright, bit of a mong question, but does anyone know if these will work in areas where a different mapping system is in use, or is it for just the Ordnance Survey/Military Survey grid?

    Anyone know what is in use in Norway (in my own time, so not with mil mapping) - UTM? Somewhat confused over how other countries divvy up their land!

    I'm still a map and compass sort of bloke but thinking every once in a while the ability to get a grid (when stuck in a forest or vis is shite) would be great, hence looking for a GPS. Want to get one that would work abroad too tho...
  9. In all honesty my GPS of choice for both civvie and mil use is the foretrex 101 because it is disposable battery powered you can take it anywhere and not need to charge it. It is small enough to carry and goes on the wrist or molle quite easily. Also attaches well to a bergan strap. I am no fan of rechargeable GPS for genuine navigation purposes.
  10. I agree with you re the undesirability of rechargeable electronics, the Foretrex 401 runs off standard AAA batteries, mine seems to give about 8hrs use from a set.
  11. Ok some further questions ref the 401 if anybody is in the know?

    How would i go about entering grid references for a route into the gps, without them previously been saved as way points?
    For example if i wanted to navigate a route using only my gps?

  12. Cheers for that info on getting the GR up! My 401 has now gone from being gash to gucci!
  13. I have the 401 as a replacement to the 101 and it is such a mark. Again really easy to and with many features.

    I got mine from here Handtec at £117.00 you aren't going to get it much cheaper

    I am again going to use the pouch that I got from DixiesCorner to protect it. There otehrs on teh system that can be mounted on Body Armour or with Molle Kit

    If you go on the Garmin Website you can get a full PDF Userguide for those that are having problems.
    See attached or use the Link

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  14. Yes they will, you just need to change the Datum on the GPS and the grid format for the country you are in. As you say you are a map and compass guy look on the map and you will find what Datum they use in that country.

    And every one should know a GPS is an aid to a map and compass not a replacment.
  15. Is there likely to be a replacement for the 401 anytime soon...??? I don't want to get one for it to be obsolete the week after...!!!