garmin foretrex 101 vs forerunner 101

Spoke to a garmin guy at a show recently.

Forerunner: lighter but doesnt give grids:

Foretrex 201: rechargable - so not so good without access to power.

I reckon foretrex 101 is best for military use (and is it is a top sller over on rvops I'd guess others agree)

think it is cheaper on amazon though by a long way
I have got the Foretrex 101 and have been happy with it so far (had it less than a month). I to got it as a back up when map reading but also use it for measuring runs etc.

As it runs on AAA batteries there is no need to find a power source to recharge it. You can set it up to give OS grid references if required - it'll give you a 10 fig grid reference. There are obviously limitations to its usage when under tree cover but that is only a minor drawback. I have worn it on my wrist when running and not noticed it.

It unit seems fairly robust and is waterproof - although it does say that if it get really wet then you should thoroughly dry it out by removing batteries. I have used it in heavy rain and not had a problem.

So all in all i am happy with it - nice and compact and does what i need it to.

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