Garmin eTrex maps?

Hi all. My friend just bought a Garmin eTrex Venture CX GPS for cheap when abroad. It says you can put UK maps into it using its memory card, but you have to buy the CDs from Garmin, im guessing theyll be pretty expensive. Does anybody know what file format the maps on them are? Currently got Memory Map with all the UK OS maps (got it cheaper than cheap :p ) So was wondering if its *.qct maps were compatible with the Garmin?
Garmin like most of the GPS manufacturers use proprietry maps, their UK topo map costs around £150, if you want to use the memory map you need a machine running windows ce.
Do you mean the OS maps? I've had the same model for a while now and these maps can be ordered from the Garmin website once you register. Last I looked, there were 5 or 6 maps covering various areas and each was around £70!
DONT, whatever you do, download the maps from a file sharing service - even if you DO remember to virus check it!

That would be highly illegal!


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