Garmin Etrex H

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by freedomman, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. Go Outdoors have the Garmin Etrex H handheld GPS on sale for £60 on 6th March.

    Worth having or not?

    I had a Vista until some pikey scrote had it away and I can't really justfy the money to replace it - only ever used it for grid refs anyway so I was thinking that the Etrex H would do.

    Seem to go for about that price on EBay, so is it worth a punt?

  2. I`ve seen the Go Outdoors ad and am thinking about getting one myself.
    I looked on Amazon to look at the reviews and they look pretty favourable.
  3. If it's the yellow case one it is worth getting,believe that they are about £90 new so the one on e-bay is worth getting
  4. I've got the etrex H, got it last year in Canada for the equiv of £70,
    good bit of kit, my only drama with it is the time it can take to input grids etc.
    Not too bad though, did me well on Medman & tour
  5. Cheers lads, looks like I'll get one then.

    Most of the review sites seem to agree it's the best you could expect for the money. Does all the basics that I'd actually use and none of the whistles and bells that would just confuse the fcuk out of me.

    Brand new from Go Outdoors (£60) but doesn't come with case (c £10) or computer link cable (c £25).

    Most of the EBay ones are aound £60-£70 and include the bits and bobs.

    Just a toss up between warranty or not I suppose.
  6. I've had one of the basic yellow ones for abut 5 years now, handy piece of kit.

    Last week I finally worked out how to turn the backlight on 8O
  7. I've recently upgraded to the Legend Hcx with full colour mapping which is great (it's so good I haven't even used it yet) and have a redundant etrex for anyone who wishes to make a small donation to Hols for Heroes say £20. This is the original yellow etrex and has all the functionality of the etrex H but doesn't have the high sensitivity receiver, it has never let me down though, is in good nick (small scratch on the screen which I will even polish out for you before I send it) I'll even pay the postage and include the instruction manual and a serial lead - you can get a USB lead for a few quid and it interacts with most mapping software including Mapyx Quo which I use.

    PM me if you are interested.
  8. It's yours mate, pm sent.
  9. Great bit of kit :D