Garlic breath



Here's one for you....
Apart from not eating the stuff, how can i mild down my reeking garlic breath from people?
Cut the garlic lengthways and remove anything that looks like it might sprout (greenish colur) as this is what produces the worst of the odour. You will still get the garlic taste with your food but the after effects won't be nearly as bad (for others). Chewing gum or mints tendsnot to work as the garlic odour can come through your skin as well as your breath. Putting plenty fresh parsley in your food (towards the end of cooking) can work as can chewing cardamon but that will just give you cardamon breath.
I've heard about the parsley antidote but quite honestly I don't think anything works.

Like Nik says you're stuck with it and it'll come out of your skin anyway.

The only way around it is to hand out garlic bread to everyone you meet then everyone smells of garlic.
Fresh corriander does the trick, as does parsely.
Stick a toothbrush in your grid, move from left to right, then back etc....

If required use mouthwash and half a pack of extra.

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