Garlic Beer - when Xmas presents go wrong.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sportbilly42, Jan 13, 2013.

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  1. Probably should be in the 'Cookery'' section but I thought I should get a health warning out by whatever means available to alert fellow Arrsers not to experiment too widely with their 'alternative' Ale supplies..... I've no reason to believe the mother-in-law was trying to pop me off, but one of the small number of presents that were waiting for me under the tree this year that I had to feign 'pleasure' over, was a nicely packaged bottle of beer that came in a Gift Set with a pint glass....

    In normal circumstances it would have been lucky to have made it to the first carving of the turkey before being emptied, but for this one, I (and my other two brothers-in-law who both got the same present) sucked my teeth and made an excuse of "not wanting to spoil my appetite - I'll leave it for later"

    Said brew was from The Garlic Farm and I've only just today had the courage to pop the top (as I was also making a beef stew to bung it into if it was terrible...)....

    It is REALLY, really gopping (you've been warned)...

    I tried a small snifter in a small shot glass but it didn't make it past the back of my throat. I like garlic (a lot) - probably too much as I can always tell at work after a hearty 'mince/garlic concoction' when work colleagues either back away from me or hold something over their face if I talk to them... and I suppose the dragon-in-law put two and two together that as I drink beer rather than lahger I'd like this stuff.....


    It's foul as a 'drinking pleasure'.....

    Thing is, I've now been on their website and this 'Gift Set' cost £10!!! I could have got a few bottles of decent brew for that.... And now I've also got a pint glass imprinted with The Garlic Farm logo that I'm NEVER going to use (I'd sooner user the Homer Simpson Duff Beer mug my son bought me several years ago....).... I think it'l' accidentally get cracked in the dishwasher then into the bin....

    The website says the item is 'currently out of stock'

    Now that either means that it's been withdrawn on environmental or health and safety grounds.... or there may be other mothers-in-law out there ready to pounce... I'd advise you use the "I don't want to spoil my appetite"/"I'll have some later" routine and just pour it down the sink when she's not looking...........

    Should be labelled 'For stews only'...........
  2. Agreed! I also made the mistake of trying garlic beer. Totally gopping
  3. I bought it direct from the Garlic Farm on the IoW. As others have said it is a waste of what probably was a good beer. But don't throw it away, try marinating meat in it before cooking I did a beef joint and it came out quite nice.
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  4. Sounds like one to keep in the garage for when you're desperate, or when the baileys and cherryade is depleted.

    I.E Emergencies only.
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  5. Can't help thinking "Garlic beer?!!?" In a Peter Kay accent...

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  6. I had the dubious honour of tasting pumpkin beer.... It too is shite!!!
  7. You are not thinking right lads. This is the beer you give to visitors who you don't particularly want to drink your stocks of better booze.
    "Try this it's not too bad, I only give it to the best visitors." While you get your teeth into the Hobgoblin or whatever.

    I have had chile beer, unfortunately it was a south american one, what a waste of a bloody good chile.
  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    try making a tempura batter with it.

    could be its like marmite chocolate - better used for cooking purposes.
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  9. Just shows what marketing and packaging can do. Worked for fascism as well.
  10. I've had Garlic Beer and although i'm a fan of garlic, the drink is fucking hotching. As are Piss Cider and Arse Biscuits. Will we never learn?
  11. It's the thought that counts.

    And she obviously thinks you are a cunt.
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  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Guinness Black Lager.jpg
    Guinness released a Black Lager a couple years ago,truely gopping stuff with a foul aftertaste that lingered on the palate..