Gareth Thomas admits to being HIV+

Knob jockey and Welsh
Gods revenge
Cue the Wrath of the pink pound brigade

Give the man a break, not only has he suffered enough having to visit Wrexham, he's had to come out as gay, then get blackmailed over having HIV and worse of all having to admit he's Welsh

It's a tough life, he'll probably admit to being a closet ginger next
At least he's not from north Wales. They're all a bit weird up there. They don't like outsiders, and they like to keep to their own, if you know what I mean.

Club Swinger

War Hero
Nonsense. Vets rugby was designed for you. Plenty of clubs around and a good day of fun, banter and bruises guaranteed.
I played in a veterans tournament at the start of the season and it was emotional. I played for the club I learned rugby in at 12 years of age ( I am 54 now) and was second row behind the prop, now well into his sixties, who I first played adult rugby with. The hooker was 70 and my mates from school and club rugby were all around me.
Then I got pushed which helped me forget the bruises.
I have always found grassroots rugby to be very inclusive of ages, skills, abilities and orientation.
Is it touch tackle rugby, just asking for a friend..


Is it touch tackle rugby, just asking for a friend..
It can be, the best answer is “depends”
A lot of clubs run touch tackle training for older players.

Vets rugby is full contact, or can be.
The games I play are full contact up to age 70, then it is touch tackle to age 80 and after that they are known as untouchables!

The tournament at the start of the season I was in was full contact, exceptions as above , and also must have passed within 20 metres which they didn’t tell us about until after we were penalised. That was to stop the speed merchants.
There was also a lad in his 30’s who was touch tackle only as he had a mental health impairment.

Restrictions on players being tackled and contact are identified by different coloured shorts, Or bibs or in one game hi viz woolly hats for a venerable player.

I referee more frequently than play now and in some of the friendly “coarse rugby” matches you will be approached just before kick off and introduced to a venerable Campaigner who will be playing as a contact restricted veteran.
It sounds chaotic but works really really well.

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