Garelochhead The Game

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by abacus, Sep 19, 2005.

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  1. It had to happen.

    The first on-line game inspired by Garelochhead training Camp here.
  2. Gleaming! Cheers abacus - if it were only that easy in real life. I remember accidentally switching my torch on inside the tent with the door open just after dusk. Whoops. My mate was pissing himself as I spent the next half hour repeatedly tw@tting them off my face.
  3. G*reloch the game..

    Rule 1: AVOID
  4. ^hahaha, Rule 2: SEE RULE 1

    Top tip for midgies: Avon Skin So Soft, the ultimate deterrent. No I'm not telling you how I know, you'll just need to trust me on this one!
  5. Apparently it's the Woodland Fresh variety that does the job, according to the wife!

    She comes from that part of the world and is a bit of an expert on the little b***s
  6. Are you serious? Avon woodland fresh? Blimey. Anything that stops the little vampires boring in like b*stard kamikazes gets my vote. I thought German horseflies were bad, but ch*ist almighty. You need a kevlar face veil too
  7. PTP, very serious. One of the guys introduced us to the delights of Ladies Skin Care products at Rothiemurchus last month. Worked a treat and first time I've come back bite-free.
  8. Remember reading an article recently that Commachio Group RM at Faslane are the biggest purchasers of the stuff in the UK.

    Due to their location and duties they get eaten alive by the frigging things all the time.
  9. Hitler, I'm going to douse myself in the stuff for Edinburgh and see if it protects me from ARRSE midgies too :lol: