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Gardening leave

22 years is about up and I know in the past blokes who have had six months off. Now its my turn, Iam wondering how many out there get any Gardening leave these days?

If so what is the going rate?
Not an entitlement at all mate. I got it only coz I had a great relationship with my boss and they could man the gap (hmm - maybe I wasn't that important). If yr going back to UK from BFG and go to a TA unit, often or not they tell you to push off and leave a phone number.

All you get is 28 days termination leave, plus resettlement, plus accrued leave.

Speak to the Boss, it is up to him, but you really do need it as leaving is more than a job change, its a life change.
AU, BS is right you get what you are entitled to, I was lucky I got my last 6 months in UK off only because the HQ I was posted to had a decent SO2 Log and DCOS. The only other way you might be able to push some more time off is for a civi attachment or if you have a job offer. Good luck
JPA has put the brakes on gardening as well. You now can't have people on your books on the black economy per se. My time is up in April and start resettlement etc next week followed by leave more resettlement etc but my replacement doesn't arrive 'till March. He wants to come early and his unit is prepared to release him but the system will not allow it.

Thanks for the replys.

As you would suspect nothing in the Army is straightfoward.

I am already at a TA unit, my replacement is in and I have the opportunity to do a workplace attachment for six months. I have nothing to lose and will be asking the question next week, hopefully my boss is the good bloke I think he is.



I have 40m of garden fencing that needs sorting if you get such leave. Back in my time your last six months in the UK - not gardening leave - was the norm.
Almost_unemployed said:
22 years is about up and I know in the past blokes who have had six months off. Now its my turn, Iam wondering how many out there get any Gardening leave these days?

If so what is the going rate?
For accurate answers, speak to the Resettlement Officer, usually found at your local education centre; he will tell you what is your entitlement.
Couple of years ago when I left you can only be paid by another employer for the last 4 weeks of service.

You gonna do a placement with someone for 6 months and still be paid by the military? Are they going to insure you etc? What happens if you have an accident etc when on their premises?
When I left I managed to get just short of 6 months paid leave. This was 2003. I had to write to my CO through the CoC.

I was investing in a business so had a lot to lose and needed to get to running it sooner rather than later.

My OC had no intentions of letting me have any extra time off other then the minimum (leave owed, and resettlement entitlement - 7 weeks)

Someone let the CO walk around camp unsupervised and he walked into wher I was walking. I was introduced to the CO and he knew all about me, he asked some questions and he promised to sign my letter, I was out the next week. I came back months later to hand in my uniform.

The OC was not a happy sausage, but I did not go over his head, just took advantage of the situation at hand.

Good luck with your request.
I got to spend my final six months in Afghanistan! Mind you, I did volunteer and had a great tour and more memories. The wife was'nt happy though. She just wanted to get back to work to keep me in the manner I have become accustomed too.

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