Gardening leave

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by pwrmn, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone please tell me the gen up on "gardening leave" i wish to know exactly what the criteria is ,am having a few probs getting a definite answer from my admin office. Chapter and verse would be great.

    Many thanks for help.
  2. Officially, it doesn't exist so there is no chapter and verse.
  3. MMMmmm Gardening Leave. It is purely between you and your boss and how long he is prepared to stand the gap between you leaving and your successor arriving in post. The official line is 7 weeks resettlement time and 28 days Termination Leave, not exactly what you wanted hear but a decent boss would reward 22 years service with something more than the entitlement!!

    Good luck

  4. Why would he? 2 months off and getting paid for it?
    22 years entitles you to plenty enough, without any extras thrown in.
    There is not enough slack in the system for freeloading. If you're on gardening leave some other bloke is carrying your workload.
    I'm not having a go, just think the system offers enough..
  5. I didn't think there was the manpower now to have bodies marking time and doing nothing? Let alone 'gardening leave'. You get your last 6 months in the UK to be near your potential job market, not to coast the last couple of months and get paid for doing nothing, that's what your leave entitlement is for.
  6. So you've actually been in that position then have you? Left the Army and secured a civilian job? What would you allow a SNCO under your command who has completed 22 yaers service? be realistic it happens! get over it!
  7. No, I left the army after 20 years and had secured work prior to leaving. I had my resettlement time from the day I finished on Telic 7 to the day I left the army, just about 3 months - including POTL.

    If blokes can get gardening leave good luck to 'em, what I'm saying is don't rely on it or plan on having it.

    REME units and sub-units will be hard pushed to cover blokes on gardening leave for sure.
  8. I wasn't having a go at you "Nige" I was lucky enough to get two months on top of everything else and I secured employment in the first week of that time BUT as you said good luck to those that can get it!!

  9. You've had 22 years to plan for leaving the army. It probably started if you decided to join something that will get you a trade or a job that can be used in civvy street. It is something that many think about when they ask for courses during their career, and if you haven't been thinking about it, it should be well up in your sights by the time you have 5 years to go.

    If you suddenly find yourself with six months to go, nothing planned and nothing sorted and NEED gardening leave to sort your life out, you haven't learned anything about admin in your time in the army. The education system is there and supported (OU, LEC and other courses), there are financial systems to support self improvement and if nothing else there is a resettlement system in place.

    There just isn't the manpower to expect time off doing nothing but your admin. Leave and resettlement yes, it's your entitlement. But anything extra you manage to get is a bonus. Don't forget that.